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Data compiled December 31, 2016

Plugin Usage Description
AthenaGM Minigames server general plugin
NGGYU Lobby Never Gonna Give You Up. (allows for noteblock songs)
SpacePack Event 2016 Fundraiser jetpack plugin
Plugin PvE Creative Description
Adminhunt in use Bypasses no-pvp for designated players.
AsyncWorldEdit in use in use Keeps the server from crashing due to WE.
AsyncWorldEditInjector in use in use API supporting AsyncWorldEdit.
Barnyard in use Manages summonable pets.
BeastMaster in use Replaces 80% of skeleton spawns in the plains biome in the nether with wither skeletons.
BiomeReplacer seasonal seasonal Makes it permanently snow by visually replacing all biomes with cold taiga.
BlocksHub in use Provides block logging and block editing permission checks for use by AsyncWorldEdit.
bPermissions in use in use Assigns different permissions to different moderators, admins and non-staff.
Chairs in use in use Allows players to sit on stairs and slabs as if in a chair.
CleanroomGenerator in use in use Clean Room style flat world Chunk Generator.
ClientPermissions in use Passes permissions to various LiteLoader mods that allow the server to control their features, e.g. VoxelMap's cave mapping and entity radar.
ClockBlocked Allows for rotating portals.
CobraCorral discontinued Allows for horse management. As of Jan 25th, functionality is included in EasyRider
CommandBlock in use in use Blocks commands based patterns in their name or argument text, rather than permissions.
CommandHelper in use in use A command scripting language in which many server features are written.
Creepocalypse seasonal Extra festive Creepers.
Doppelganger in use Allows for spawning doppelgangers for player heads.
DVDA in use Dynamic View Distance Adjustment - adjusts server render distance on restart based on a schedule.
dynmap in use in use Renders a map of the world that updates in real time and includes player locations and other markers.
EasyRider in use Allows horses to be improved by use rather than breeding.
EntityControl in use in use Counts entities in the map and shows coords for groups.
FixLeaves in use Allows WorldPainter-generated to decay naturally.
GoneBatty in use Custom mob drops (mob heads and Essence of Flight).
HelpHelp in use Allows admins to edit help topics by writing Markdown text
HoloBan in use
HolographicDisplays in use in use Displays floating holograms in game.
InventorySwap in use Players can retain custom inventories and swap them with a command.
IratePoultry seasonal Disguises all mobs as deadly chickens (reskinned to turkeys with a custom server resource pack).
HyperCarts in use Allows for minecarts to travel faster than vanilla speeds.
ItsATrap in use Custom handling of skeleton traps.
ItemLocker in use Allows for locking of item frames (similar to LWC).
KeepBabyMobs in use Players can use a nametag on baby mobs to keep them age-locked.
KitchenSink in use in use As in "everything but the" - Misc items that don't have homes elsewhere.
LibsDisguises in use Allows players and mobs to be disguised as other entities.
LimitSpawnEggs in use Prevent spawn eggs from changing spawners.
LogBlock in use in use Records blocks edited to prevent grief and allow restoration.
LolNeigh in use TP's horses from spawn to lost&found.
LolNo in use in use Shut down chat and other features in emergencies.
LovedUp seasonal in use Shows hearts on projectiles as well as other <3 things.
LWC in use in use Chest locking.
MaskOfFutures in use Custom death messages.
MobLimiter in use Mob caps per chunk.
ModMode in use in use Allows staff to perform their duties invisibly and with their staff inventory kept separate from their regular player inventory.
ModReq in use in use Mod request queue.
Multiverse-Core in use in use Manages multiple worlds.
NerdAFK in use Lets users signify they are AFK in the tab list.
NerdAlert in use in use Runs the restart messages
NerdBoard in use Allows for name colorations; used by ModMode.
NerdClanChat in use in use Provides chat channels or groups called ClanChats.
NerdFlags in use in use Custom WorldGuard flags.
NerdLag in use in use Tools for detecting various kinds of lag.
NerdList in use in use Implements the /list command to see who is on what server.
NerdMessage in use in use Handles private messages, staff group chat, player muting and ignoring.
NerdMoods in use Allows players to set their personal, permanent time/weather.
NerdPlot in use in use Lets staff create claimable regions
NerdSpawn in use in use Spawn control plugin that forces an exact spawn location, adds a /spawn command, and can allow bed-based spawn.
NerdStats in use A Bukkit plugin to gather Minecraft-related performance statistics. Statistics are returned as a JSON object.
NerdUsage in use A port of Nerd.nu's usage tracker from CommandHelper to Java
NoCheatPlus in use in use Blocks various kinds of hacks and cheats.
NullTerain in use
OpenInv in use in use Lets admins access player inventories and ender chests.
PacketWrapper in use API supporting various other plugins.
ProperTime in use Forces day/night cycle to 20 minutes regardless of lag.
ProtocolLib in use in use API supporting various other plugins.
RecipeManager in use Create custom crafting recipes.
RedstoneClockDetector in use in use Allows for server to quantify and locate redstone clocks.
SafeBuckets in use in use Allows for non-flowing water.
SafeCrystals in use in use Allows players to place and pick up endcrystals without causing explosions.
SafeHorses in use
SpeedBuildArena in use Provides auto timer / regions for speedbuild arenas.
ShroomWithAView in use in use Allow players to edit huge mushroom block face textures with dyes.
StandMaster9000 in use in use Allows for custom armor stands.
TPControl in use in use Configurable, 3-mode /tp.
TrancePing in use in use Create fancy server list descriptions from ingame.
VanishNoPacket in use in use Makes staff invisible when performing their official duties.
Vault in use in use Permissions API used by various plugins.
VehicleControl in use Automatically break boats and minecarts.
VillagerUtils in use Tools for managing villagers on Spigot servers.
VoidGenerator in use Chunk generator that creates completely empty space.
WGRegionEvents in use Generates events when players enter and leave regions, for use in other plugins.
WingCommander in use in use Enables powered flight with elytra and shows instrument displays.
WorldBorder in use in use Allows for the world border to be set/controlled in game.
WorldEdit in use in use Magic placement of blocks via commands.
WorldEditRegions in use Restricts the effects of WorldEdit commands to only those regions a player owns.
WorldGuard in use in use Allows for region protections. Additional Plugin Information / Original Documentation
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