PvE Spawn (r10)

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Spawn PvE rev 10
Spawn r10 8.png
Spawn from above
Server PvE
Map revision 10
Coordinates 155, 41
Lead Thrawn21, Buzzie71, Denevien

Spawn is the building/area where players spawn the first time they join the server. It is usually located at the center of the map, and it contains the rules of the server, the spawn nether portal, free food and other treats to help equip freshly joined players before venturing outside.



The tenth revision had a glorious castle as its Spawn building. Players first spawned inside a small cell, surrounded by stone brick walls, that displayed information about the revision's map info and general information about the server, as well as advertisement to the other nerd.nu servers (Survival and Creative). From there players would follow along a corridor that featured a list of rules and commands, that would lead to the main hub, with subsequent rooms for the tutorials, the FAQ, the Spawn Nether Portal, Rail Station, a Trading Post, kitchen, library, dining room, the Thrawn21 Room, Map Room, the Adventure Lounge, and many other secrets.

Spawn Rail Station

Spawn's Rail Station had connections with Merk, Vinhaven, Pico, Seneca, Kalmos, Pearl Islands, the South Road, Port Aperture, Lothos, Kingbury, Atlantis, Pandora, Kanada, Okenopolis, Brom, Argoth, Deerside, Andromeda, Port 80, Walla-Walla, and the Kingdom of Ra.

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The Labyrinth

Behind the castle, an enormous labyrinth was built. Those that managed to escape from it without dying would arrive at a humble garden with a very beautiful and cozy gazebo.

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Admins Rooms


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