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Seneca r5.png
The city close to spawn
Server PvE
Map revision 5
Coordinates 0, -300
Lead Chow_D, bobokate12, gdavison, UNC_Samurai
Contributors 69 and counting
Started PvE 4




The original Seneca was created from the remains of the Brom Township camp of PvE revision 4. Legend has it that WaterSlide, the last to depart the camp on the long walk to the new Brom, presented Chow_D with the keys to the city that was to become Seneca.

Through the hard work and dedication of Chow_D and the residents of Seneca, it became a flourishing town within sight of the mobile spawn balloons of PvE 4.

Setbacks and Hardship

Only a couple of weeks before the map was to be reset, a huge technical issue caused large parts of the map data to become corrupt. The original Seneca was not spared from the great dataclysm, and was lost forever.

In the aftermath, the residents rallied to the cause, quickly replacing what had been lost with a vibrant new settlement that included a memorial tower, a wheat farm, public food chests, a chicken coop ("The Great Pit of Chicken"), a park, a suggestion board for the new Seneca, and many private buildings. Cake was a popular food during this time.

Present Day

The current version of Seneca grew organically from a coalition of PvE residents immediately after the server became live for the fifth revision of PvE. Under the leadership of UNC_Samurai, a wide road was built from the eastern spawn bridge up to and past a replica of the Seneca Memorial Tower. Known as the East Road, and Main Street in Seneca proper, it was from this base that the City of Seneca grew.

The city now includes multiple skyscrapers, an excellent red brick town hall, two parks, a public cane/wheat/melon farm, a bakery that dispenses free bread, a jail for all the creepers, a public mine, and many private dwellings. The city also includes a population of 78 (and counting) residents, and a community of generous people that would love to invite you in for dinner. Due to the proximity of spawn, a Greater Seneca Area has sprung up around the city, with many residences outside of Seneca proper.

The current mayors are Chow_D, and UNC_Samurai, and gdavison. The Seneca Task Force includes gdavison and UNC_Samurai.

The Spirit of Seneca

The City of Seneca has grown from a derelict camp into one of the largest communities on the PvE server. It was not started with any specific mission in mind, but came to embody certain defining principles, including:

  • no barriers to entry, anyone can be a citizen
  • a large settlement close to spawn
  • lots of citizen participation in public buildings
  • an open, unwalled city that promotes and provides transportation links to the wider area
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