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Server PvE
Map revision 7
Coordinates 550, -1000
Lead UNC_Samurai, foretopsail, Chow_D
Contributors 20+
Started PvE 4



Rev 4

The original Seneca was created from the remains of the Brom Township camp of PvE revision 4. Legend has it that WaterSlide, the last to depart the camp on the long walk to the new Brom, presented Chow_D with the keys to the city that was to become Seneca.

Through the hard work and dedication of Chow_D and the residents of Seneca, it became a flourishing town within sight of the mobile spawn baloons of PvE 4.

The Great Corruption: New Seneca

Only a couple of weeks before the map was to be reset, a huge techinical issue caused large parts of the map data to become corrupt. The original Seneca was not spared from the great dataclysm, and was lost forever.

In the aftermath, the residents rallied to the cause, quickly replacing what had been lost with a vibrant new settlement that included a memorial tower, a wheat farm, public food chests, a chicken coop ("The Great Pit of Chicken"), a park, a suggestion board for the new Seneca, and many private buildings. Cake was a popular food during this time.

Into That Dark Night: New New Seneca

As Rev 5 began, a collection of Senecans gathered at the east edge of spawn, and set out into the darkness. Braving the zombies and skeletons of the new swamp biome, they blazed a trail some 300 blocks into the wilderness, and at a flat open stretch of ground created the crossroads around which New New Seneca was built. The proximity to spawn caused the town to explode in size. The version of Minecraft associated with Rev 5 was notorious for Endermen run amok, and the Senecan Task Force scrambled to constantly repair buildings. This rev would also see the birth of the Senecan Free Navy, as UNC_Samurai commissioned the city's one and only battleship.

The Age of Terraforming: New New New Seneca

When Rev 6 began, the core Senecans again ventured into the wilderness, this time north, to a stretch of open ground around a small lake. Adjacent to this lake was the town square, the nexus of civic buildings. As the town grew in size and was limited by spawn-centric development, the mayors and task force engineered a massive terraforming project to level several hills and use that dirt to lay out large plots over open water. On this land was built Downtown Seneca, home to the town's skyscrapers and spleef Arena. The Seneca Stingrays were a strong force in the rev's preseason, though as the regular season progressed the team stagnated.

Away From Spawn: New New New New Seneca

For Rev 7, Seneca's leadership agreed upon a radical departure from previous policy; the city would locate itself some distance from spawn, to enable better control over city development. After initially setting up a base camp at the south nether portal, then attempting to locate in a large forest, Senecan explorers found an ideal location in a snow biome valley. Despite losing the ability to use minecarts for some time, the city moved forward with its core builders and a handful of adventurous newcomers, the city carefully laid out its road network and used the central park area as a camp. Civic infrastructure and municipal buildings took precedence over private houses. Once resources were gathered, roads laid out, and core buildings such as farms and sheep pens were built, the mayors carefully laid out the initial residence areas.

Seneca hosted PvE's first Winter Games, a five-sport event featuring 1v1 spleef, chicken hockey, the biathalon, speed skating, and solving the Great Hedge Maze. Darco won the overall medal count for the Winter Games with 3 Gold and 2 Bronze Medals. Seneca came in second with 1 Gold, 3 Silver, and 1 Bronze medals.

The Spirit of Seneca

The City of Seneca has grown from a derelict camp into one of the largest communities on the PvE server. It was not started with any specific mission in mind, but came to embody certain defining principles, including:

  • no barriers to entry, anyone can be a citizen
  • lots of citizen participation in public buildings
  • an open, unwalled city that promotes and provides transportation links to the wider area

Seneca also embodies this spirit with the effort given to create and maintain the End Grinder (also known as the Ender Ender), and the End Grinder Basement (also known as the Ender Ender Under)

Town Landmarks

  • Grand Seneca Station: This 100x100 rail station is a marvel of modern engineering, and provides rail service to Spawn, Deorne (via the 850 loop), Argoth, the City Metro Service, South Nether Portal, and the End Grinder Portal north of town.
  • Town Hall: This homage to a Rocky Mountain resort lodge houses the town's rules and building codes. Every new citizen is asked only to read and understand the rules within this building. It also houses the offices of the Mayors and Secretaries of Transportation, Agriculture, and Housing and Urban Development.
  • Historic Seneca Spleef Stadium: Colloquially referred to as "The Grotto", this is the oldest and smallest arena in Rev 7 FISA. It also houses the offices of the Seneca Spleef Writers' Association.
  • The Fort Wool Sheep Bunker
  • SnickerCorp Tower
  • Central Park
  • The Great Hedge Maze
  • The Glacier, Seneca's Ice Rink
  • The Snow Globe Ampitheater
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