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Snowpoint City

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Snowpoint City by: DavidMelo
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Warp N/A
Coordinates -100, -2200
Lead nickeynickey123
Contributors The_Spamasaur, Lazee_Boy, shaune99, SKABY, NorthAntrim, iStorm9
Evicted D_Ricks
Started PvE revision 4
Completed PvE revision 8


Snowpoint City

Snowpoint City is a snowy city located at about -100, -2200. Yes, It has the same name as the pokemon city in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. They have very similar landscapes. Soon, we will be adding a Pokemon gym and other features similar to the Pokemon game itself.

How to get there

Take the North walkway. It's the easiest and fastest way to get there. If done correctly, you should be able to walk by the Cobbleasaurs Rex. Coordinates are -100, and -2200.

Notable People

Snowpoint City was founded by nickeynickey123 & MalTom.

Mayors of this city include:

nickeynickey123, MalTom, The_Spamasaur, Lazee_Boy, & SKABY.

Dukes of Snowpoint include:

NorthAntrim, iStorm9, shaune99, and cshaiku


-Rev 4- Snowpoint City has a stable population at about 32 residents. More plots are open and more land is being cleared.

-Rev 8- Snowpoint City has just started, so there's no residents yet, Be the first!

Downtown Snowpoint

-Rev 4- Snowpoint City has a downtown area known for their skyscrapers and large buildings. These structures include:

-Aqsa Corps Snowpoint Branch

-Snowpoint Athletic Dept.

-The Lava Needle

-Bustop Corps Branch Office

-DrinnkingDino's Water Pool

-Snowpoint City Transportation Dept.

-Snowpoint City Appts.

-More soon TBA

-Rev 5-

-Town Hall by Lazee_Boy

-SKABY's Tavern

WIP Buildings

-Rev 4-

-Snowpoint City Gym (Yes, just like the pokemon one)

-Snowpoint City Block Museum

-Old Mine (Completed!)

-Rev 8-

-MalTom's Motel

-nickeynickey's Hotel


If you want a plot in this city, you can simply /mail send nickeynickey123 in-game and he will get you one as soon as possible.

Donations are accepted and if anyone is interested in working for the city to receive pay, sending /mail to nickey would also work just fine.

Maltom is a Pegboy[1]

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