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Spleef is a competitive sport within Minecraft in which the goal is to be the last player standing. The name is a pun of the word grief.

Spleefing has been around for years on the reddit public servers, first on Creative. Once the PvE started up, most spleefing moved there as well, since it's not possible to cheat (accidentally or otherwise) by flying. From PvE revision 6 and onwards, spleefing players have organized FISA, an organization for scheduling inter-city spleef matches in revision-long seasons.



Spleef usually takes place in an arena or stadium. In the stadium, there is a series of blocks that form a flat surface, usually several suspended blocks in the air. Two or more players in the stadium choose their positions on the slab of blocks, and after a countdown, begin the game.

The goal is to destroy blocks near the opponent to cause them to fall, while avoiding suffering that fate yourself. Creating blocks during the playing of Spleef is not usually allowed. The time Spleef matches take depends on the size of the stadium.

Spleef can be played individually or in teams.


Spleef has several rules in order to maintain fairness and balance. Here is the complete list.

  • No creating blocks between the game's start and end, UNLESS the exception (1) scenario takes place.
  • Do not delete or create blocks after you have lost
  • (1) If 2 players at any point in the match are unable to affect each other (for example: they are on two sides of the arena and a ditch wide enough to make it impossible to jump across has been dug between both sides), then, only then, can the players build blocks
  • The losers must replace the blocks that were deleted during the game. Start replacing them when the time has ended. (OPTIONAL)
  • If you are playing a team match then use the blue or red Team Skins.

How To Make One

Inside of an example Spleef stadium
Outside of an example Spleef stadium
  • Find a fairly large slice of land that you want the players to play in
  • Build the edges of the stadium or arena with indestructible blocks (if possible)
  • Fill the inside with a destructible type of block known as a "Spleef Block" (the block type that players will delete)
  • Take away a large chunk of area under the Spleef Blocks and cover the lining with the type of block you used for the outside
  • Make stairs leading back up to the outside of the arena with any type of blocks
  • Create anything else that makes the stadium stand out. For example, a system where, once inside the arena itself, players can not exit except by using the stairs under in the pit underneath. This helps to prevent cheating in the middle of a match.

Spleef Arena Gallery

Sudden Death Spleef

Sudden death Spleef is a variant of Spleef which attempts to make the games faster-paced. A sudden death Spleef arena consists of a normal boxed-in Spleef arena and a maze on top of the arena that water can flow through. To start the game, a player (usually one that has operator powers) deletes a sand block, causing water to flow through the previously constructed maze. The match begins, and proceeds normally. However, if the water flows into the arena before a winner has been declared, all players lose.

Shrinking Spleef

Shrinking Spleef is another variant of Spleef. The arena consists of multiple, separate layers. As you go down the layers, the size of the Spleef platform shrinks. For example, a shrinking Spleef arena might have a top layer with a 10 by 10 array, then an 8 by 8 array, then a 4 by 4 array.

No-Jumping Spleef

No Jumping Spleef is Spleef with a small twist: there is a ceiling made out of indestructible blocks over the Spleef arena so participating players cannot jump. This creates an interesting effect. It can be easier to delete blocks directly underneath players, or it can inhibit mobility and slow the game down with camping. A further twist in No-Jumping Spleef is to play with 2 adjacent layers so players can't jump on the first layer, but they can jump again once they reach the second layer.

Maze Spleef

Maze Spleef is quite simple. Instead of an open arena, the Spleef arena is a maze. This slows the pace of the game down and adds pathfinding skills to the competition.

Aqua Spleef

Aqua Spleef is a more tactical, harder version of Spleef. The objective is to get the opponent wet. In this game, you have a arena made of many sponges and the colors of your choice. In this game there is a Sponge +, 3 blocks above the ground and also a sponge x in the ground, also marking the 4 possible teams/player colors. Below the ground, 2 blocks down, is solid block ground, you can fall here which doesn't make you lose, but gives you a disadvantage. Though the sponges were created like this to increase strategical thinking, these can be changed.

Reverse Spleef

This game mode only requires a large standard Spleef arena. The players stand inside the Spleef arena, however the only person who removes blocks is below, in the pit. This means that the floor is removed below the players feet. The winner is the last person standing, and is next to be in the pit. If you have a very large arena then you can alter the rules to allow anyone who falls in to the pit can also delete blocks.

Spleef Videos

Several video's of Spleef matches can be seen here;

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