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Spleefer Dome

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Spleefer Dome
Server Creative
Map revision 11
Lead Madguitarist007
Contributors Nvious, p0sco, Minifig, Verros, TheSmartCrafter, Chancet
Started 2011-02-01
Completed 2011-02-13

The Spleefer Dome, the first official spleef field on the Rev. 11 Reddit Creative Server map, was created by Madguitarist007 with help from Nvious, Verros, p0sco, Minifig, and TheSmartCrafter. Accessible from either a road or separate shuttle minecart line via "Perfect Station" on the CTA brown line, the Spleefer Dome is found in an iron bricked rectangle on a lake. Featuring a beautiful courtyard with an arcade, Connect 4, and a shooting range, the Dome itself is enclosed inside a large black box, inscribed with the names of its creators. Within this black box contains various item stands, rules for spleefing, a huge bleachers section, as well as moderator/administrator boxes for mods, admins, and their guests. The referee box hangs over the playing field and allows the referee to observe the game from above. The spleefing floor itself features two layers, both made of glass, which are placed to reveal the bottom floor of lapis lazuli, netherrack, and glowstone arranged in various squares. Outside the stadium, there is a statue simply titled "Super Spleefer"


Madguitarist007: founder, lead design, worker/digger, mod/admin box creation

Minifig: lead architect, Spleef floor, various flourishes

Nvious: Laborer, Arcade/ dome item stand creation

Verros: Laborer, "Super Spleefer" statue designer

TheSmartCrafter: Laborer, Design consultant, shooting range creator

Chancet: Laborer

Extra Contributions

cmdrtebok: Announcer

cjz__: Connect 4 creator

Creative Transit Authority: "Perfect Station" Brown Line, Spleefer Dome Shuttle/Station

Savoie: First Stand owner

ATTENTION: Spots are still available for stores in the Dome. Please message madguitarist007 on either reddit, mumble, or minecraft if interested

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