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Tebok City

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Tebok City, formerly known as "Head Admin City," is the name to describe a series of urban landscapes developed on the Reddit Creative Server by cmdrtebok. The city is known for it's brownstone-NYC inspired buildings, tight spacing and generally as a beacon of good building practices surrounded by a sea of derp.


History of Tebok City

Tebok City Origins

The first "Tebok City" started as a series of sky scrapers on Creative Revision 12, in late January or early February.

Tebok City 2

Tebok City really started taking shape on Creative Revision 15 as a sanctuary for moderately to expert skilled builders who were having trouble finding places to build. Landmarks included "Tebok Tower" and the "Tebok City Train Depot." This rendition of Tebok City also included a single-track, one-way subway system.

Tebok City 3

Revision 16 saw Tebok City expanded and built up quickly by several users within the first few weeks of Creative. Surrounded by builds by Verros, Atlass and AllNaturalX, it represented a truly urban oasis.

Tebok City 4

In Revision 17, Tebok City lived next to spawn. It was home to Derp University, the Redstone Tutorial and the ASV Bank ("Bank of the 1%"). Please use caution when transiting Tebok City, as a group of cactus people have started a revolt outside the bank.

City Planning


  • Follow the redstone borders as a guide
  • DO NOT use an entire city block
  • Use Google Satellite view to get an idea of what NYC looks like.
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