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Clanchat Command Usage

Command Effect
/clanchat create <channel> Creates a new clanchat channel with you as the owner
/clanchat join <channel> Joins a public clanchat, or one that you have been invited to
/c [<#channel>] <message> Sends a message to the channel. If you do not include a channel it will default to the last channel used
/cq <#channel> <message> Sends a quick message to the specified channel, but does not change your default channel
/ca [<#channel>] <message> Sends an alert mesage to the channel. You must be an owner/manager.
/cme [<#channel>] <message> Sends a "/me" type message to your current or specified channel
/cr <message> Sends a message to the last channel you recieved a message from, regardless of your default channel
/cb [<#channel> Lists bulletins for all channels you are a member of
/cm [<#channel>] Lists all members in your default channel (or specified channel if one is given)
/cs [<#channel>] <message> Sends a "/s" type sarcasm message to your specified channel
/clanchat delete <channel> Deletes a channel. You must be the owner.
/clanchat color <channel> <color> Sets the channel color. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat textcolor <channel> <color> Sets the channel text color. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat alertcolor <channel> <color> Sets the channel alert color. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat members <channel> Lists all the members in a channel.
/clanchat invite <channel> <player> Invites a player to a channel. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat uninvite <channel> <player> Uninvnites a previously invited player. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat changeowner <channel> <player> Changes the owner of a given channel. Must be an owner. This cannot be undone
/clanchat addmanager <channel> <player> Adds a manager to the channel. Must be the owner.
/clanchat removemanager <channel> <player> Removes a manager from the channel. Must be the owner.
/clanchat listmanagers [<channel>] List all managers in the channel. Must be the owner.
/clanchat remove <channel> <player> Removes a player from the channel. Must be a manager/owner.
/clanchat leave <channel> Leaves a channel that you're in.
/clanchat list Lists all the channels that you're in.
/clanchat public Lists all public channels
/clanchat flags Sets channel flags. Type the command for more information.
/clanchat addbulletin <channel> <bulletin> Add bulletin to the channel.
/clanchat removebulletin <channel> <number> Remove the bulletin from the channel. <number> starts at 1 with the top bulletin.
/clanchat subscribe <channel> Subscribe to a channels bulletins.
/clanchat unsubscribe <channel> Unsubscribe to a channels bulletings.
/clanchat subscriptions List your current bulletin subscriptions.
/clanchat channels List all the channels and their owners.


Flags help set options for your channels. There are currently two flags - public and secret. If your channel is public, anyone can join. If it is secret, you must be a member to list members in the room.

You can set flags by doing "/clanchat flags channel <public/secret> <true/false>".

Please note - there is no way to ban someone from your channel. If the channel is public, anyone can join. The owner or managers can remove players, however, there is nothing stopping them from rejoining. Please note - if someone is causing issues, you should report them to staff. There is no current plan to add banlists to clanchat.

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