Twin Forts

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Capture the Flag
Twin Forts
Game Mode CTF
Map author Omanoctoa
Version 1.0
Launch date Sept. 2, 2016
Kit weapons 1x Sharpness 1 Iron Sword, 1x Infinity Bow
Kit potions 1x Poison (splash)
Kit shield 1x Shield
Misc. kit items 1x Arrow, 32x Baked Potato "Taters"
"Capture the enemy flag and return it to yours. Adapted from a schematic by twilexis."
Twin Forts objective blurb

Twin Forts is a CTF map launched with the Minigames server.


Map Layout

The map is dominated by two structures on opposite sides of a narrow pit of lava. Each side has four 3x3 walls along the center line for cover. The side of the main structure closest to the map center contains a semicircular roof, accessible by two ramps on either side of the map. On the farther side of the map is a roofed semicircular ramp leading to the back, which contains a staircase up to a watchtower directly above the flag in the center of the structure. The flag is accessible from the watchtower by dropping through the hole in the center of the tower room. The staircase can also be accessed through a roofed corridor running down the center of the structure, passing under the flag, and opening up across the main corridor from the watchtower stairs. There are tall fences on the sides of the center of the map, though there is a narrow ledge connecting ladders to the roofs of the main semicircular corridor at both team structures, on both sides.



  • Make sure to jump while traversing the center of the map! It is nearly impossible to escape the lava pit before you die once you fall in.
  • The most straightforward and obvious path to the flag is to enter through the main semicircular corridor, run up the stairs to the watchtower, and drop down directly onto the flag. It is not the only path though - it is possible to also access the flag by jumping from the forward semicircular roof onto the center of the four team-colored lamp posts and access the flag that way. Alternatively, the flag can be reached by passing through the central corridor, taking the stairs up to the base of the flag pedestal, and reaching for the flag over the pedestal's floor while jumping.
  • The side paths outside the fences are a great way to sneak over to the other end of the map. The effectiveness of this method largely depends on how oblivious the other team is to your movement - your mobility is severely restricted while climbing a ladder, which means it is easy for the other team to hit you if they can see you climbing it on their side.


  • Duck behind the four small walls if you get bombarded with arrows near the map center and need to heal up.
  • A good PvPer stationed in your team's watchtower room can deny entry to individual players on the other team. (Conversely, a good PvPer stationed in the other team's watchtower room can deny them the opportunity to guard that path to their flag.)
  • An archer on top of the watchtower can provide overwatch for most of the map, though understandably it is easier to hit enemy players on the near side of the map than the far side. (The effect can be particularly devastating if an archer is firing from the top of the other team's watchtower.)


  • Strength in numbers applies to this map - a larger team has a larger chance of winning a confrontation, especially if you need to dislodge an entrenched opponent in the watchtower or on top of it.
  • Keep in mind that though you cannot shoot your teammates, your arrows cannot pass through them either. If you are providing covering fire for a flag carrier running straight at you, it might be worth moving to the side a bit to hit enemies as they pass close to you.


  • This map is the only one in the Minigames map rotations that is not built by a player affiliated with


  • 9.5.2016: Missing slab and ladder blocks fixed
  • 9.2.2016: First release on Minigames
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