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Server PvE
Map revision 7
"Did I say [die]? I meant there will be tea parties every 10 blocks."
Nosirrom on the 5K

The 5K is the name given to a 5000-block-long obstacle course on PvE r7, accessible from a warp sign at the Spawn Manor. The course was built by Ooer, thrawn21, and others. Entrants solved mazes, traversed parkour rooms, and more before facing the famed Final Challenge, a vertical maze meant to be solved while under fire from archers in the center of the chamber. Upon first completion of the 5K, the first three players were each given special prizes; all others were given a chest containing their completion prize. No prizes were given to participants who ran the 5K again.

Hazards that participants had to negotiate include lava, fire, void drops, cobwebs, cacti, every hostile mob known in Minecraft (save Ghasts, Silverfish, and Zombie Pigmen), the Molon Lord and the evil Dr. Sign.

In PvE r8, the 0.005K acts as the spiritual successor to the 5K, consisting of only one parkour room, with a prize room beyond the end of the course (no prize is given upon completion of the 0.005K).

First to finish

  1st: StrongyMcBrave - 5 hrs, 59 mins, 33 s
  2nd: Nosirrom - UNKNOWN TIME
  3rd: Papadopolis 8 hrs, 44 mins, 22 s

Finished it !

(Please add your times to this list.)

  StrongyMcBrave (Warwickftw) - 5 hrs, 59 mins, 33 s
  StrongyMcBrave (Warwickftw) - 1 hrs, 38 mins, 58 s
  Papadopolis - 8 hrs, 44 mins, 22 s
  Papadopolis - 2 hrs, 58 mins, 11 s


Ooer teasing the event

"You log in. Run 10 blocks. Die. Run the same 10 blocks. Run maybe 10 more blocks. Die. Start over."
Nosirrom on the 5K

"You found the easter egg! Now die."
A sign in the 5K

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