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PvE Map Revision 7 started February 12, 2012 and ended on May 18, 2012. Map Revision 7 used the Phoenix Terrain Mod once again, with lighter terrain modification. It featured many floating islands and extensive cave systems.

Here is beautiful cinematic rendition of a variety of towns and locations in Revision 7 created by Castelnau. <videoflash>JNURt3T1tQI</videoflash>



Linked Nether Portals

The Spawn had a Nether portal which allowed for access to portals 1800 blocks out North, South, East and West.

Roads and Paths

Roads stretched out in various directions from Spawn, such as the South Road below. A large amount of player-made infrastructure was abundant throughout the world as well.

CARTS System

Spawn contained a public CARTS System which connected to many notable major cities.

Banned Items

Boats were banned during Revision 7 to avoid exploitation.

Notable creations

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  • Argoth Hold (1800,-100) - the eastern hub city populated by friendly communists.
  • Lemuria (-1800, 1000) - home of the Great Tree and many other instances of 'exaggerated nature.'
  • Deorne (-700,1200) - a small community nestled atop many crags and ravines on a snowy river system.
  • Port Iremia (-100,1050) - a forested town on the coast.
  • Wellspring (-1600,-1300) - a nice sandstone themed city.
  • Pico (-1600,2150) - a sprawling metropolis located by one of the discovered nether portals.
  • Aurora City (730,-380) - a small mountaintop town.
  • Forge (1000,1900) - an island town in the southeastern sea.
  • Darco Region (-2000,-2000) - a collection of different mega projects, including arcologies, Wee Britain, and Bromland.
  • Groundest (0, 100) - a town with some great buildings next to spawn.
  • Pine Forest (-2000,0) - a smaller town along the western equator with a Feudal Japan building style, including Castle Matsumori.