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2012-05-13 19.23.08.png
Server PvE
Map revision 7
Warp West Portal
Coordinates -1800, 100

coggas (Founder) emptyafternoon (Mayor) totemo (Mayor)

jrbeilke leoden7 luddelarvig Mrloud15 nflfootball11 roborodent Scorpii shnozzles SkyDaddy01 The_Technocrat WotanTheWanderer
Started 2012-02-18

Venice was a city [built around the west portal in revision 7 of PvE]. The design of Venice was inspired by its namesake, the famous canal city in the northeast of Italy (Wikipedia). The build was punctuated by a network of canals and numerous other water features. Buildings were predominantly brick and stone and limited to two or three storeys. The use of cobblestone was discouraged.


Town Hall

The Town Hall was built by coggas. It was one of the first buildings to go up and set the tone of the town.


The station was built by emptyafternoon with help from luddelarvig, with the CARTS system built by WaterSlide and much of the rail constructed by Darco residents.

Storage Area

The storage area was built by coggas and emptyafternoon.

The_Technocrat retrofitted the enchanting area to be adjustable using sticky pistons, with totemo consulting on compacting the redstone. The Venice Slime Grinder transports live slimes to the storage area. As the Venice Skeleton Grinder is above the slime chunks, grinding for XP there is the best way to encourage slimes to spawn.


The Venice Library was built by Mrloud15.

Bath House

The bath house was built by The_Technocrat. It features a hole in the wall for perving on the bathers and is reputed to have a secret door.

Palazzo Scorpii

The Palazzo Scorpii was built by Scorpii.

Art Galleries

Mrloud15 built a small painting gallery on the west side of town near the Pallazo Scorpii.

emptyafternoon's gallery was still incomplete at the time of writing.

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge was inspired by its real world namesake (Wikipedia). It was built by The_Technocrat.

The Venice Secret Mafia Club

The Venice Secret Mafia Club doesn't exist. luddelarvig told me to tell you.

Sewer System

Underneath Venice is a secret network of sewers that connects many of the towns water features. Most of Venice's poop ends up here.

Restaurants and Cafes

The_Technocrat built the Café Venezia on the western end of Rialto Bridge.

The gelato and pizza places were built by roborodent. Interestingly, Minecraft pizzas are square.

Spleef Arena

The Venice Spleef Arena was designed and built by Mrloud15, and is located at the northern end of the city. It was selected to host the Revision 7 FIFS Spleef Championship Tournament.

Chicken Hockey Arena

The Chicken Hockey Arena was designed and built by Mrloud15. The arena is east of the rail station.The ice needed to be pushed in from the west and took over two days to complete.

Water Features, Parks, and Lighthouses

Venice is home to two lighthouses.

Venice has many water features and parks.


Boats were enabled on PvE in revision 7 for the first time in many months, then, disappointingly, disabled due to a duplication glitch. Nevertheless, Venice acquired some permanently moored boats to compliment the aquatic theme of the city.

Popeye is a glass-bottomed, ocean going tour boat. Its name and design reference the "Popeye" series of recreational ferries that tour the River (Wikipedia) in Adelaide, South Australia. Just why, is anybody's guess. The "Salty Clam" is a small gondola capable of traversing all of Venice's narrow canals.

The "Wet Dream" is totemo's ocean going yacht. The walls of the middle-deck cabin are constructed from 40 diamond blocks. It has sleeping space for 6 people and features a Tote-Tech radar system.

Shortly before the end of the revision totemo was planning to build "The Naughty Lass", an homage to the fictional submarine Nautilus in Jules Verne's novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Wikipedia). Another mysterious nautical vessel, "Soaking Wet", was also reputed to be on the drawing board. It was said to be highly manoeuvrable, slippery and full of seamen.


Skeleton Grinder

The Venice Skeleton Grinder is located in the southeast corner of the town, directly south of the west portal. The grinder is designed to generate XP as well as drops. It features a weed-only (no tobacco) smoking area where you can go AFK in safety.

Slime Grinder

The slime grinder was designed by totemo and several Venice residents contributed labour, including coggas, roborodent and emptyafternoon. Also, non-resident robisONE helped excavate the middle spawning pad. The grinder consists of 3 spawning pads near bedrock in a pair of adjacent slime-spawning chunks underneath the Venice Skeleton Grinder. In fact, grinding at the skeleton grinder is the best way to encourage slimes to spawn. The slimes are split to the smallest size by drowning and are automatically transported to the storage area by a network of water courses and ladders.


Wheat Farm

The wheat farm was built by coggas. It was one of the first buildings to be constructed after roads were laid. It produces about 70 loaves of bread per harvest.

On the second floor is a modestly-sized automatic melon and pumpkin farm and a sugarcane plantation.

Sheep Farm

Like most cities on PvE, Venice has sheep. Since we hate them so much, they are kept in virtual slavery under the storage area and never feel the warmth of the sun. But at least they're not dead, unlike our cats and dogs.

Chicken Farm

The chicken farm was built by totemo to a design that he first used in the revision 5 city of Eastgate. It features a reversible water flow system, allowing it to produce both eggs and cooked chicken. In the default setting, water flows to the west and eggs drop to the floor for collection. With the flip of a lever, chickens are swept east onto burning netherrack, killing them and producing cooked chicken and feathers.

Tree Farm

luddelarvig built a multi-storey tree farm, just north of the wheat farm. It is the tallest building in Venice.



This is coggas's house. The emphasis is on modern, functional living for today's Mayor-about-town.


This is emptyafternoon's house. The style is compact and cozy with subdued lighting and a basement storage area.


tote's house is designed to embody a complete contemporary dwelling with all the basic amenities of the modern world and Minecraft worlds combined. The ground floor contains a guest/spare bedroom and a sitting room with a boiling kettle for when visitors drop by.

The second floor features a large dining table adjacent to a galley style kitchen with a small counter for passing meals to the table. There is a couch and jukebox, and a large arched window affording diners a view of the sea as well as totemo's ludicrously ostentatious diamond yacht. There are also two balconies, with excellent views of the town.

The top floor contains the master bedroom, with a chest of drawers and a closet-rap (note: not rape) closet, and the bathroom and toilet. This floor also features a pair of balconies where you can sit and reflect, while chewing on cocoa beans and zombie jerky.

The basement contains furnaces, brewing stands and chests. Since it is completely submerged, there is a slight problem with rising damp.

Venice in Pictures