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Groundest r8.png
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Coordinates -50, 1150
Mayors Saladnatlikespie
Residents Venni2, americanviking1, Bobagonoush, Adley, Kumilanka, Spitfih, Toxygen001s, teddylover, J_Swarlos

Groundest was a settlement founded by Saladnatlikespie at the end of Revision 6 and the start of Revision 7. Groundest had a spleef team that wasn't the best but they loved the opportunity to have people visiting their settlement.

The mayors were: Saladnatlikespie( the man behind the plan), A_Chilean_miner and totemo.


PvE r6

Alt text

PvE r7

During Revision 7, Groundest was the first town that you would come too when going south from Spawn.

This was Groundest's Welcome Sign, with the Groundest library on the back:

Alt text

PvE r8

During Revision 8, Groundest was lead by Saladnatlikespie and settled North of Spawn on a Swampland biome.

Groundest Spleef Arena

Alt text

Groundest Industrial Zone

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Other creations in Groundest