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Authority Tech Admin
Favorite server PvE
Joined Towards the end of PvE Rev 1
Left Nevar!!!


totemo first joined the servers towards the end of PvE R1 and was present for the dawning moments of PvE R2, where he built public skeleton and zombie grinders, and Woodville's spider grinder. He was well known for building public shelters in the wilderness, and also contributed several grinders, farms and houses in the city of RawHide. In the latter stages of that revision he took a voluntary ban to focus on study, returning in the middle of PvE R4, where he built an isolated lakeside house, and led the construction of the northbound Y12 rail from spawn.

In PvE R5 he founded the walled city of Eastgate, built around the east portal. In the latter part of this revision, he took on the role of moderator. In PvE R6 he built the isolated, hobbit town of New Hempshire, along with coggas, who was one of the most active builders in Eastgate. New Hempshire's location would later become the south-west corner of the Y70 rail.

In PvE R7 he was one of the mayors of the city of Venice, founded by coggas. In the same revision, he also was a mayor in Groundest, at spawn.

Notable Works

PvE R2

It was a different time. Pumpkins sold for several diamonds apiece and were a symbol of wealth and sophistication. If you had enough clay to build a whole house, you were judged wealthy indeed. Animals didn't breed; they simply spawned, and if you wanted wool, you killed a sheep, or combined 9 pieces of string into a single block of cloth. Zombies dropped feathers and nothing else. Beds and bookshelves were for decoration only. There were no jungles, no swamps, no strongholds, no nether fortresses. No nether at all, in fact. There were just 3 kinds of trees and only one kind of planks. Food didn't stack. Booster rails were invented during the revision and around the map you could find evidence of "old school" boosters. Oceans were very deep and the sky was filled with floating islands. Experience was something that happened in your mind, not a glowing sphere. And after a hard day's mining, you simply teleported home.


  • Skelly grinders
  • Zombie grinder
  • Woodville spider grinder
  • RawHide - grinders, reeds, giant cactus + grinder, Filthy Ned's etc
  • Shelters?
  • House

PvE R4

  • House? farm?

PvE R5

totemo spent the whole of revision 5 being supreme leader and mastermind behind the walled city of Eastgate.

PvE R6

In the first week of revision 6, totemo wandered directly west of spawn in search of iron. He found iron in a cave, to the side of a lake. Going deeper he found a ravine where, looking back to the east, he saw mossy brick. By accident, he had discovered a stronghold. It would be two more days before the mayors of Lothos discovered it. They would later build their city just to the northwest.

Weary from his revision 5 labours, totemo opted to build a less-ambitious settlement, the hobbit-hole town of New Hempshire, alongside coggas as co-mayor. It was in the latter half of this revision that totemo founded the most successful trading empire in the history of PvE, Tote's Potes. He also built the tree farm at spawn in the oriental style established by schererererer for that revision.

PvE R7

The early days of PvE revision 7 were plagued by server instability problems. The server was heavily loaded by upwards of 150 players - sometimes 200. There was a mad scramble to log in at every restart before the player cap made it impossible. The problems were compounded by the use of Phoenix Terrain Mod's default settings, which generated most of the map with vast cave systems, filled with hostile mobs. The Tech Admins implemented a mob cap, preferentially slaughtering hostile mobs every 5 minutes. In time, this would put a significant dampener on totemo's plans to build a dark room grinder.

In the first week of the map, totemo designed and built an Automated Blaze Grinder, using knowledge gleaned from attending modreqs concerning problems with Etho's design as implemented by others in the previous revision. He built the first shop for what was to be a chain of Tote's Potes stores in Groundest, rebranding the franchise as Tote's. However, the size and prevalence of cave systems everywhere made construction of a performant dark room grinder infeasible and the rise of cheap, overpowered enderman grinding completely eroded the value of enchanted items, destroying Tote's business model. The franchise quietly went into receivership towards the end of the revision, without ever having sold a single item.

With Tote's located on the Main South Road, within Groundest city limits and just outside the spawn protection, totemo took an interest in the city's development and eventually took on the title of Mayor with saladnatlikespie and A_Chilean_Miner. He built roads, two tree farms, farms for sheep, pigs and cows, a sugar cane plantation and automatic melon and pumpkin farms.

In the latter half of the revision, totemo mainly concerned himself with the development of Venice, building a Skeleton Grinder, his stately house and several boats. In the final weeks of the revision, he revisited his plans to build a dark room grinder, dubbing his prototype Big Red.


Public Decency Scandal

TODO: create scandal

Human Cloning Experiments

At the start of the second week of PvE revision 7, totemo went public with the results of his experiments into human cloning, declaring a "clone war" on the mcpublic subreddit. The announcement was met with almost universal condemnation, with some respondents denouncing it as "inhumane" and "indecent", principally due to the increased likelihood of seeing totemo in a mankini. Argoth responded by declaring that they would meet mankinis with lethal force if necessary. However, she was not available for comment.