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thelethalkind taking a sponge bath
Authority Moderator
Favorite server PvE
Joined 2011-03-01
Left Leave? HA!

Brom Lord for revisions PvE3: Brom Island, PvE4: Brom Township, and PvE5: Brom Empire. Also dual mayor of Newcastle on PvE3. Mayor of Pleasantville on PvE6. Director of Bromland in Darco (r7) on PvE7, Director of Brom Studios in Darco (r8) on PvE8, Mayor of Brom City on PvE9, Mayor of Bräum on PvE12, Mayor of Bräumbrücke on PvE13, and currently mayor of Bromspring Islands on PvE14.

PvE 2

PvE 3

PvE 4: Brom Township

PvE 5: Brom Empire

PvE 6: Pleasantville

PvE 7: Darco

PvE 8: Darco

PvE 9: Brom City

PvE 12: Bräum

PvE 13: Bräumbrücke

Creative Creations