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Server PvE
Map revision 6
Coordinates 1300, -1000

Pleasantville [PVE6] is an island town to the North East. It is themed to 1950s / 1960s style and allows for only a handful of tall buildings and no skyscrapers. However most builds are very detail and function oriented - and many of them have dual purpose (apartment\shops). The town produces surpluses of wheat, wool, cakes, and meats.

The island is heavily influenced by ex-Brom Empire mayors. (Waterslide, thelethalkind, WickedCoolSteve)

Some new leadership for rail and road development have helped greatly in the town and otherwise. Asvdveen has finished the final portions of the roads as well as fixed up subway tunnels. Mkantor orchestrated many of the rail destinations and worked to connect PV to many other towns.

Picture Gallery

Pleasantville1.png Pleasantville2.png Pleasantville3.png Pleasantville4.png Pv11.png Pv12.png Pv13.png Pv14.png Pv15.png Pv16.png Pv17.png Pv18.png Pv19.png Pv20.png

Pleasantville's rail station