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Darco (r7)

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Darco Region is an area consuming mega projects and towns that collaborate.

Darco Village is located at -2000, -2100.  There you can find basic mining resources,
this is where the beginnings of all Darco projects began.
Labeled map of Darco as of 3/14
Darco Region
Server PvE
Map revision 7
Coordinates -2000, -2000
Note: If you are a member of Darco, please add yourself under citizens. If you want to have your project/building added, edit page or add in subreddit.


Subway System

Darco Subway
Here is a layout of our subway system, created by asvdveen.

Mega Projects

The sections below are mega projects in Darco.

Esper Inc Arcology

This Arcology is run by Ninjasmooshr. It is located at -1860, -2305

Libria Arcology

This Arcology is run by WaterSlide. It is located at -1975, -2065

Darco University

Darco University is run by schererererer. It is located at -1800, -2220

Definition of Insanity Tower Complex

This tower was created by Adamminer has many rooms available for use as an apartment or a home away from home. It is located at -1735, -2095

Bromtech Spleef Arena

The arena is being made by Avengerofthings. It is located at -2040, -2015


JDEastwood is running Groundscraper. It is located at -2010, -1965

Vault 21

This underground project is headed by xmantaray. It is located at base camp.


PvE's very own amusement park, directed by thelethalkind.
You can get to Bromland by going through the nether to the North Portal,
and then taking the rail, or by West Portal and then rail to Darco Station
and then rail to Bromland. Coords are -1200, -2000.

Darco Towns

The sections below are towns under Darco Region.


The mayors of this town are Ooer and Human. It is located at -1650, -2100

Wee Britain

The mayor of this town is mrschteven88. It is located at -1890, -1690

See Wee Britain for more.

Tsuchi Iwa

This Japanese fortress is run by theflyingtuna. It is located at -1685, -2400

Darco Commons

This is the central area of Darco. Notable buildings include:

  • Darco's main station built by asvdveen, it has rail going to West Portal, Bromland, Wee Britain, Base Camp and many other will be added.
  • Townhall built by wickedcoolsteve

Darco Village

This our subcity of Darco Commons, managed by WaterSlide. It is located at -2000, -2100


With builds made primarily out of wood, this is one of larger towns in Darco Region. It is run by Suixi3d and located at -2000, -2000

New Amsterdam

A Dutch themed interpretation of New York, filled with towers and an amazing clocktower. It is managed by asvdveen and located at -1400, -1800. It had rail connections with Lothos, Bromland, Wee Britain, Darco Terminal and Oops-Upon-Sea.


Darco Dreadnaughts

And the molon lord
Looked down on the dreadnaughts;
Gave them courage to spleef;
And spleef they did.

Darco's spleef team, the Darco Dreadnaughts, consists of members from Darco Village, Wee Britain, New Amsterdam, and Bromland.
Woodville, another Darco city, has their own spleef team. We have won 2 out of 2 matches so far.

Repping Brom Dreadnaughts in Action


New Amsterdam
Map of New Amsterdam.
Map of Bromland.
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