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Server PvE
Map revision 7
Coordinates -1600, 2150
Started February 19, 2012
City history
PvE r5 Pico (r5)
PvE r6 Pico (r6)
PvE r7 Pico (r7)
PvE r8 Pico (r8)
PvE r9 Pico (r9)
PvE r10 Pico (r10)
PvE r11 Pico (r11)
For the city in the current PvE revision, see Pico (r9)

Pico is a sprawling metropolis located in a desert in the Southwest quadrant of the map. Headed by the mayors thrawn21 and Spacepirate1941 for three revisions now, Pico has developed from a small NPC village in r5 into a large futuristic city in r7.


City Structure


Downtown Pico is constructed as a large circle, with four cardinal roads leading from the center of the city. Two inner rings serve as additional roads that link the cardinal roads together. Downtown holds 24 plots- the central plots are home to public buildings, such as the Storage Tower, the Public Farm, and the center rail station. Other notable buildings include Zot News Tower (Zotshot), the public sheep farm (31stCenturyMatt), and a sandstone apartment complex (Spacepirate1941).

Outer Districts

In addition to the central downtown circle, Pico consists of more loose outer districts that surround downtown. Among these are:

Residential District
Located on the west cliff, where people can build smaller, humbler homes just outside of the bustling city center.
Planned by Bluemanze, this district will be a dark, machine-like suburb based on the machine city from the third Matrix film.
Situated to the Northeast of the city, this expanse is home to a 1-to-1 scale of the Millenium Falcon, built by Spacepirate1941. Space has discussed plans on creating a Mos Eisley-type district, where ships may dock and villians may relax in a hive of scum and villainy.
Skynet2029's Island
Small Island east between the Nether portal and Pico Proper, by Skynet2029. Right now has one tower with observation deck with great views of Pico, Spaceport, among other things. Now with shopping mall with stores (floors B1 and B2), food court (B4), movie theater (B3) and a small public park (B6). Transit Station is at (B5) with connections to Pico Main (Under Construction), Pico South Hub, Pico Residential Districts and Spaceport (Under Construction). Future buildings also in the works. Mostly entertainment/tourist oriented.


Located across the sea from the rest of Pico Proper, this area is home to the Netherportal to spawn. This historic location had served as the staging ground for the groundbreaking of Pico, where workers set up makeshift cobble and dirt shacks, and temporary farms. This area contains the Pico Spleef arena, home to the Pico Ninjas. The encampment has become Femto(a suburb of Pico). It features mansion style houses: Houses that are too large for the normal residential district, but too small to fit into Pico Proper.

Historic Pico

Historic Pico is an NPC village that has been left untouched by the Pico excavators, and is now currently floating above the Southwest quadrant of the downtown circle. Among the NPC houses is a large cobblestone tower which some may recognize as the watchtower from Pico rev5.

Pico Residents


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