Pico (r8)

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Pico (r8)
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Coordinates 1400, 2400
Started 2012-05-18
City history
PvE r5 Pico (r5)
PvE r6 Pico (r6)
PvE r7 Pico (r7)
PvE r8 Pico (r8)
PvE r9 Pico (r9)
PvE r10 Pico (r10)
PvE r11 Pico (r11)
For the city in the current PvE revision, see Pico (r10)

Pico is a city currently under development in the South East, headed by mayors thrawn21 and Spacepirate1941.



This revision, Pico consists of skyscrapers in the downtown area, and a small residential village on the mountains to the south.

Pico Proper

Pico Proper is a hexagon consisting of skyscrapers. The main rail station is located in the central plot, with rail lines extending to spawn and other cities.

Residential Village

Pico residential village was spread up the mountain on both sides of the valley and were connected by an large arched bridge.

Beach Resort

When completed, will be a scenic beach resort area. Located in the western deserts. By Skynet2029

Pico Island Resort

This was pico's holiday getaway created by tc_chris. It was based in a mushroom biome a short rail ride away from pico. The plots were all 10x10x10 and offered a challenge to fit within the plot while creating a beach resort style hut. The island had two building larger than the standard size consisting of a beach bar and town hall.

Mega Project

Construction started on an epic Opera House mega project, headed by Spacepirate1941 and located north of the city.

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