Deorne (r8)

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Deorne 1.0.png
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Coordinates 2466, 500
Lead travismaybe, slide23, GrtOdins_Raven
Contributors Wilbur1340, Denevien, tristamgreen, jlee104, jlee712, 06FG2, brookmorrison, calvert4096, doglover129, eaelyn, jimmsta, mr_bubble, sealeater, starminion1, termite1003, Dogsparky

Deorne was a city founded by travismaybe, slide23 and GrtOdins_Raven and built in the South Eastern corner of the map during Revision 8. It had a strict building code, encouraging members to do as little terraforming as possible since a natural look was preferred. The downtown area was reserved for large infrastructure, buildings and business, but interestingly, "not Pico-style skyscrapers".

One of it most noticeable features was the creation of color coded street signs that helped players find their destination (for example, to find Town Hall people could follow the yellow markers, brown for the Ridge Road, blue for the Public Mines, green for the Spleef arena, and so forth).

According to a sign posted in the Deorne's News Board, on July 1st, 2012, Ron DeGrasse Sagan blessed Deorne with his presence.