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Shannon r8.png
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Warp Northwest Portal
Coordinates -2300, -2300
Lead Galaxyfantasy(Mayor), SirRuto(Mayor), Marldain(Mayor), Dantesdame(Mayor)
Started 2012-05-19
Completed N/A

Shannon Is a port town located on the coast of the northwestern ocean. It was founded by its mayors after a long pilgrimage to the sea. On the edge of the jungle, Shannon is somewhat near the Northwestern Portal, allowing for easy travel to and from spawn.

Residency/Building Code

Shannon plot map

Shannon is now ready to take on residents as of June 4th, 2012. Spaces available include land plots, dockhouses, market plots, and dockspace for building ships.

Building guidelines are simple, cobble is prohibited outright, with most other materials fine for use. Residents are encouraged however to use mainly wood and stone to match the aesthetic of the town. This is not a hardline rule, though.


Shannon has assisted the nearby town of Angkor in establishing the rail system around the Northwest portal.