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Aerial view
Server PvE
Map revision 21
Coordinates -1700, 1700
Mayors bookey42, Zach99998, Maid_Marian, Grenbug
Residents Polar_Ted, the_rickiest_rick, Northsidebill

Avalon is a city started on Revision 7 (Previously named Totentanz) and is the first 'open' city Sumeragi owns. It is open to those who live near it and want to build in the city so they have easier access to the farms and rail connection(s).

Subreddit: /r/avalonmc you can also find us on IRC, and Mumble.



During Revision 21, Avalon went for an Ocean side town theme, taking inspiration from smugglers and pirates. The city established a strict color palette, focusing on blue/greens, greys and oranges, mainly from prismarine, stone and acacia. The town was filled wit lore and easter eggs, treasures and secrets that only the most fierce explorers would find.

Avalon's rail station had connections with the Nightoak Arena, the Bedivere portal, the CMC Artic Lab, the Temple of Miogrelism and Spawn.

By the end of the Revision, Avalon hosted the Nightoak event for their second time, built and planned by Polar_Ted.

Notable creations


Aerial view at night
Server PvE
Map revision 20
Coordinates -2200, -2200

Avalon made a comeback and became a portal city during Revision 20. It had a villager trading hall, auto farms, a library, a rail station, a community center, residential areas among many other things. The city had good detail work, fleshing it out with trees, bushes, paths and town's people built using armor stands, dyed armor and players skulls.

Nightoak was housed at Avalon this Revision and Polar_Ted. The entrance could be found at -2240 -2281. The arena followed an oriental theme and had a dangerous but fun parkour course.


Avalon r17 zig2.jpg
Server PvE
Map revision 17
Coordinates 514, 750
Started 2015-08-28
Completed N/A
Mayors bookey42, rickiest_rick, LoveAndDoubt

During Revision 17, Avalon was in a Savannah close to Spawn. It featured sandstone-based builds.

See gallery below for builds in-progress.



In Rev16, Avalon was in the SW corner in the Snow Plains biome, and everyone hated building in the snow, vowing to never do it again.


Rev 15 found Avalon in the North Eastern Jungle...


Bookey42 Started on PVE. Started the Current Avalon town without knowledge that there was a previous iteration. Town started small and grew towards the end of the rev. Avalon Township was in the South Eastern plains about 600 blocks east of Pico


In Revision 8, Avalon was built mostly on the ground with districts in the valley to the north of the planned primary structure, which was modeled after Glasgow University's Gilmore Hill.

Residents of Rev 8 were:

  • Sumeragi (Mayor)
  • Shishikura (Co-Mayor)
  • Laethyl
  • Claesxereo
  • Celethalion
  • Reebies
  • Jnesses


In Revision 7, Avalon was built on a very small floating island and the ground beneath it. A few weeks later, an artificial island in a shape of a fourth of a circle was built above, making this revisions Avalon a 3-tier city.

Residents of Rev 7 were:

  • Sumeragi (Mayor)
  • Shishikura (Co-mayor)
  • Laethyl
  • Claesxereo
  • Celethalion
  • Sorenhauter
  • Keamos
  • Oriah
  • Mirkafortuna
  • Jnesses
  • Reebies
  • Telrus
  • Tylerc0726
  • Howlingninja
  • Rwheeler80


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