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2012-06-10 22.46.29.png
The great Molon Lord, pondering a way to come to life and wreak havoc on PvE.
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Warp N/A
Coordinates -2214, -1750
Lead CampLazloRocks1
Contributors CampLazloRocks1, _Madison_, rrdkent
Started 2012-05-18
Completed N/A


Molonopolis stems from the city of Melonville which was the original city built on Revision 7 by CampLazloRocks1. Molonopolis was founded in the mad rush to claim land at the launch of Revision 8 and was established at first CampLazloRocks1 with a comely and modest house.

Molonopolis' plans are to become a large thriving city built in the image of the Molon Lord (May He be praised).

Meloncotta Army

Thought to have been a legend for centuries, recent archaeological evidence gives proof that the mysterious Meloncotta Army really does exist, perhaps around the Molonopolis area. It is said to guard the tomb of King Meron-Rōdo. A story describes the creation of the tomb:

In the year 593BC, King Meron-Rōdo (メロン ロード) of the Japanese-Molonese kingdom Meronia (メロ二ア) set out on a wagon to make a trade with the nearby Pamakinzu group, some 500 miles from Melonia. The Wheathonians had made a special offer of three stacks of circular stone bricks in exchange for thirty diamonds.

It was expected that the King would return to Meronia in two weeks, but three weeks later, he had not arrived. News came from Pamakinzu (パマキンズ) that the King had not arrived at their city, so the great warriors Kyanpu-razuro-roku (キャンプ ラズロ ロク) and 47-naito-47(四十七 ナイト 四十七) were sent out on the King's route. After 50 miles, up ahead in the blazing heat, they saw an overturned wagon. Both warriors ran to the wagon and found the King, now deceased. In shock, they helped the dead King into their wagon and took him to Meronia, where the warriors reported the bad news to the kingdom.

"It is with great shame and sadness that we must inform you all...that the King is dead. He died of dysentery." - Kyanpu-razuro-roku

With the kingdom of Meronia in great despair, noblemen, clergymen and other people suggested ways to honour the King with a great funeral. One suggested that his coffin be made from the tough skin of melons. Others suggested that the King's favourite band, the Beegees.

But the warriors thought up the best concept: An army to protect his tomb.

The farmers brought their best crops to the warriors. Only the best appeased them. Soon, the necessary amount of pumpkins and melons was reached, and the kingdom's best miners were ordered to dig a 39 x 27 x 4 room under the ground.

Once the room was dug, the coffin containing the Lord was buried in the middle. Using the melons and pumpkins, 130 melon guards were built in lines of 13. Sufficient lighting from the pits of hell was introduced. Once the final stone brick was placed, the staircase was sealed shut and filled in, and the tomb rests there, undisturbed.

Many centuries later, it remains undiscovered to the world. One day, predicts the wisest man, the tomb will be rediscovered, and the prophecy will be fulfilled.

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