Wellspring (r8)

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Wellspring (r8)
Wellspring r8.png
A desert city of Sandstone and Lapis
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Coordinates -1800, 1800 SW Portal
PvE r4 Wellspring (r4)
PvE r4 Wellspring (r5-6)
PvE r7 Wellspring (r7)
PvE r8 Wellspring (r8)
PvE r9 Wellspring (r9)
PvE r10 Wellspring (r10)
PvE r11 Wellspring (r11)

Wellspring (r8) is themed desert city of Sandstone and Lapis. Wellspring is the home of the current spleef champions, the Squids, who play in Wellspring's Spleef Stadium. The city is located at the South West Portal -1800 +1800 in the desert biome. The Mayors of Wellspring are Ozomahtlii, hansihe and palmeirl. Wellspring boarders Murray and Molonopolis.

City History

Following the great land-rush of the release at the beginning of R8 when we started at the south west portal, Wellspring was delineated and the central structure of the city, a train station and community board, was erected. Residents slowly moved in and following several weeks, Wellspring boasted over a dozen residents.

Today, Wellspring is a thriving metropolis that continues to grow. Much of the original sand in the vicinity has been removed for the sandstone that many of the buildings are constructed of, and there is tension as Murray and Wellspring begin to grow together and border disputes have arisen. The Wellspring administration has since created more plots in the opposite direction of Murray and more buildings are being constructed on the new plots.

City Structures

Wellspring's town hall is right by the nether portal. It contains the minecart station linking us to Spawn, y70 loop and Pico.

Wellspring currently has 3 arenas. - We have a spleef arena created by palmeirl. - A pvp arena created by cab417 - A king of the ladder arena created by hansihe.

Wellspring is also currently working on a Ultimate arena that will be finished soon. Details will be added soon.

Wellspring's Farms: - A wheat farm located behind the town hall, at (don't know coords off the top of my head) - A melon farm located at (don't know coords off the top of my head) - A sheep farm located north west of the portal at (don't know coords off the top of my head)

Wellspring has many experience grinder for public use. - A triple cave spider. This can easily be found by heading to wellspring's Carts station and taking the rail directly to it. - Two zombie grinders. One located on the east side of wellspring, and the other located Behind wellspring's portal on the way to the public mine.

Wellspring has a library.

Wellspring also has a growing subterranean district, located near the King of the Ladder Arena.


The Spleef Team of Wellspring is the Squids. The squids are the current champions, having won the revision 7 tournament.