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Server PvE
Map revision 8
Warp North West Portal
Coordinates -1550, -1550

coggas (Founder) emptyafternoon (Mayor) roborodent (Mayor) totemo (Mayor)

luddelarvig Mrloud15 Scorpii The_Technocrat
Started 2012-05-19

Angkor is a jungle tree house village built on the site of some mysterious ruins which combine elements of Angkor Wat in Thailand and Mayan sites such as Teotihuacan.

Site Overview

All of the following locations are marked with numbers on the isometric view:

  1. Northwest Portal
  2. Map Building
  3. Angkor Lost Temple Complex
  4. Hall of Pillars
  5. Angkor Bridge
  6. Angkor Grand Temple
  7. Temple of the Sun
  8. Temple of the Moon
  9. Angkor Spleef Arena
  10. Wheat Farm
  11. Melon Farm
  12. Oak Farm
  13. Pine Farm
  14. Birch Farm
  15. Jungle Tree Farm
  16. South East Lookout
  17. Mayor emptyafternoon's Treehouse
  18. Mayor totemo's Treehouse
  19. The_Technocrat's Treehouse and Villager Face
  20. luddelarvig's Treehouse
  21. Sheep Farm
  22. Cattle Farm


Archeological investigations at the site of the Angkor ruins are currently ongoing but questioning of the local natives has uncovered the following:

  • Angkor was once a bustling religious centre dedicated to the worship of the gods of the Sun and the Moon.
  • Most conflicts were resolved by ritual combat at the Angkor Spleef Arena, with each side typically praying for the protection of either the Sun or Moon God. Giant statues to these Gods were erected on the north and south sides, respectively, of the road between the Angkor Grand Temple and the arena.
  • A mysterious cult of molon worshippers are said to have unleashed "dark forces" which lead to a catastrophic attack on the Angkor inhabitants by "Molon Men". This conflict was known as the "Molon Wars". Some blamed the initial outbreak of this conflict on contact with other cities, saying that "the rails brought blood to Angkor".
  • The Angkorians fled to the trees. The Molon Men were unable to follow them, and it is said that they gradually dissipated. Some say that they returned to the land of "Brom". But no such place exist on PvE. Nevertheless, the people of Angkor remained fearful and to this day spend the bare minimum of time on the ground, preferring to live in the safety of the trees and always ascending at night.
  • Over many centuries, the jungle has reclaimed the land that was once its own. The majestic temples of Angkor are gradually crumbling away.
  • An exhibit describing some of these events is housed on the 6th floor of the UMC at spawn. It features 4 secret doors. Beyond the fourth is a hidden temple with signs describing some of the history recounted above.

The Angkor Quest


The Hall of Pillars

The Hall of Pillars is the terminus of the rail link between the north west portal (northern station of the two) and Angkor.

Secret Areas

There are numerous secret areas in Angkor. Here is just a small sample:

Spleef Arena

Angkor's Spleef Arena was designed to look like a Mesoamerican ballcourt.