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Vortex as of 16/6
Server Pve
Map revision 8
Coordinates 1200,650
Lead EVIL_JIMMY / coolK3N
Started 2012-05-18

Vortex is an ever expanding region, started on a hill, on revision 8 of the PvE server. Vortex started life as a tiny house (homage to which is located in the centre of the circle plate), this soon expanded to two houses, and intricate mine network, and big ideas. Within a week the starts of Vortex castle popped up. The outer walls were soon completed and the arch followed. Soon after the arch was completed, work began on the tower.

The tower is designed to roughly resemble a tornado (hence the name) starting slender and expanding exponentially to a flat plate, where currently, the city resides.


Outer wall

Outer wall marks our boundaries. Stopping strangers, like yourself, gaining access without going through the proper entrance whilst also offering a path to walk around our land. It was completed by EVIL_JIMMY about 2 weeks after the new revision.

Inner wall

The inner wall is still under construction, it has a path on top and another path in the wall itself.

Vortex City

Vortex City is on top of Vortex Tower. It is still under construction.



Our Farm is Semi-Auto farm with a capacity of 1200 Seeds or around 18 full stacks. Replanting them is always a lot of work, but then it's not done very often.

Mob Grinder


More to come..


2012-06-17 12.19.19.png 2012-06-17 12.20.59.png 2012-06-17 12.21.59.png