Melonville (r8)

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"We wandered for years, searching for a home. As we laid our death beds a rumble was heard. From the ground burst forth a fountain of melon. We feasted and reveled for many days. Here we began our town. Here we began our Melonville."
Anonymous scribe recording the founding of Melonville

Melonville r8.png
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Coordinates -1800, -1400
Started June 12, 2012

Melonville is a small village in a costal jungle in the northwest. There are currently 17 mayors. But only 10 houses.


SilentStrike186 Head Road Layer & Mayor
Deaygo Head Redstoner & Mayor
mrschteven88 Rail Master & Mayor
emf5100 Miner-in-Chief & Mayor
sammasaurus Tree Slayer & Mayor
Valderock Village Idiot & Mayor
JohnAdams1735 Historian-in-chief & Mayor
Tim9724 Stripper & Mayor
masonbuckyall Shop Keeper, Fishermen, & Mayor
paul13nov Drunk, Farmer, Pussy Slayer, & Mayor
lime_aide Boat Enthusiast, co-affenda, & Mayor
UNC_Samurai Erudite Philosopher & Mayor
Ryouba Night Club Owner & Mayor
Concealingfate Hater of Molon, builder-guy, & Mayor
thelethalkind affenda in chief & Mayor
buzzie71 Not an Argoth Spy & Mayor
williammck Town Grinder & Mayor

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