Clue Hill

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Clue Hill
Clue Hill r8.png
Server PVE
Map revision r8
Coordinates 2250,-2000
Lead Grey Deceiver, Ryebone
Started May 18, 2012

Clue Hill is a small settlement in the North East born out of a testificate village. Originally a place for the two founding members - Grey Deceiver and Ryebone - to seek refuge in the wilds, it was deemed an ideal location due to its proximity to the North East Nether Portal. Clue Hill has road and rail branching to the West and South, towards Argoth and Lake-Town (r8).


On the dawn of the first day, Grey Deceiver appeared - with a hundred others - in Spawn and quickly set out in a North Eastern direction. This was the first time either founders would see the first day, and were eager to participate from the very beginning. A vast ocean was hit almost immediately; wood was gathered and a boat constructed. Grey Deceiver would sail across the sea, stopping for supplies and food, but would continue his journey to the NE portal. While the founders were looking for the portal, it was never the intention of claiming it: the pressures of "building something great" would be left better off with veteran players with an established community and plan.

Hearing the soft hum of the Nether Portal, it was found. A lone sentinel stood guard, as the future city known as Argoth laid claim to the area. A dense wood and a small dirt hut were all that existed. Feeling satisfied of finding the portal, it was time to explore. Grey Deceiver struck out further North East, when the unthinkable happened: a small NPC village, complete with houses and wheat farms. It was growing dark again, and this would be an ideal place to hide from the numerous mobs. The town proved bountiful with food and supplies, and would serve as a perfect location for a home. Quickly, a fence was put up around town and Clue Hill was born.


  • Grey Deceiver
  • Ryebone

Rail and Road


  • Road to Argoth A winding road originally built for safe and reliable transport to the Nether Portal, the Road to Argoth connects with Keozen's Giant Melon. It has reduced travel time significantly.
  • Jungle Bypass This road strikes out due south, through small hills and most importantly, through the thick jungle. It has reduced travel time and provided access to the beaches and shores of the map's major ocean and Lake Town.
  • Rail to Argoth A major milestone for Clue Hill, a full rail line is constructed at Y20 and connects with Argoth's inter-regional rail station. Travel to Argoth and the Portal has never been easier.
  • Rail to The Pit A rail line connected the underground city of The Pit, built by Bandude.


  • Jungle Bypass Extension To connect to Lake Town and potentially further East.
  • North Road Either a rail or road to open up the vastness of the Northern tundra