Argoth (r8)

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Argoth8 central district day.png
The Central District's skyline
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Coordinates 1800, -1800
Started May 18, 2012
City history
PvE r5 Argoth (r5)
PvE r6 New Argoth
PvE r7 Argoth Hold
PvE r8 Argoth (r8)
PvE r9 Argoth (r9)
PvE r10 Argoth (r10)
PvE r11 Argoth (r11)
PvE r12 Argoth (r12)
PvE r13 Argoth (r13)

Argoth is a major city on PvE revision 8. Located next to the north-east nether portal for easy access, Argoth is on the corner of four biomes: the vast snowy wastelands to the north, a deciduous forest to the east, a jungle to the southeast, and the map's central ocean to the south.

Argoth has always been a welcoming, inclusive community. Building standards aren't super-strict; just don't make ugly cobblestone/wood huts. New residents are given a full stack of smooth stone, plus access to the community chests and farms for other useful building materials. Several revisions ago this ethos — plus the fact that Argoth's colors are red-white-red — earned the city the "communist" label, which stuck.

If you'd like to join the city of benevolent communists, contact a mayor in-game or post on the subreddit, /r/newargoth.


Districts and neighbors

Some of these are districts of Argoth itself, others are independent regions. Regardless, all are linked by road and rail.

  • Central Argoth is the heart of the city, located in a flat valley


  • The massive Nether Courtyard, designed by castelnau. The central rail terminal, a wool farm, and the PvE Lotto station can be found here.
  • The Spleef Arena, designed by Sapphric
  • The independent town of Kalmos (formerly known as North-Argoth)



  • The East Argoth district, jokingly referred to as the Built-by-Skydaddy district because of the crazy amount of quality buildings he's created there. East Argoth is a mix of towers and more low-key residential plots.


  • An unnamed NPC village, depopulated due to server derp
  • The PvP Arena, currently under construction


  • The Valley of the Dead. Gotta stash those bodies somewhere.
  • A Minecraft version of the real-life Russian monument, The Motherland Calls, built by bencvt


Rail links

If you'd like to connect your town to the rail network please contact a mayor!

Inter-regional links

Metro lines

  • Central Terminal ⇔ Spleef Arena ⇔ Kalmos
  • Central Terminal ⇔ Keozen's Giant Melon
  • Central Terminal ⇔ East Argoth
  • Central Terminal ⇔ Canal District ⇔ Argoth State University ⇔ Arrrgoth
  • Central Terminal ⇔ PvP Arena ⇔ NPC Village ⇔ The Motherland Calls ⇔ Argoth State University
    aka the West Metro Loop (currently under construction)
  • Argoth State University ⇔ Doublezed Grinder
  • Argoth State University ⇔ Varsity Wool Farm
  • ? ⇔ PripCensored (Planned. Maybe this could connect to the East Argoth station?)


Note: these maps are slightly out-of-date; quite a bit of new building has been done since

ArgothMap6-5-12.png Argothmetro.png