Darco (r8)

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Darco Region
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Coordinates 1800, 1800

Darco Region is an area consuming mega projects and towns that collaborate. Ravenholm is the central city, located at 1800, 1800 at the South East Portal. Darco has its own subreddit as well, /r/darco.


Note: If you are a member of Darco, please add yourself under citizens. If you want to have your project/building added, edit this page and the subreddit.

Mega Projects

The sections below are mega projects in Darco.

Brom Studios

Brom Studios is an exciting film studio project being built in Darco between Ravenholm and Woodville. It is helmed by masonbuckyall and is located at 2100, 1800.

Scher's Project

TBD, is run by schererererer south of Ravenholm.

Darco Towns

The sections below are towns under Darco Region.


The architects of this town are asvdveen and mrschteven. It is located at 1800, 1800

New Burmecia

The mayor of this town is paul13nov. It is located at 2100, 1700


The mayor of this town is smiler100.


The mayor of this town in the treetop is Ryouba. It is currently located at 2450, 1700 inside of the giant birch.