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Authority Retired PvE Admin
Favorite server PvE
Left please don't :(

Waterslide used to be the most awesome admin on the PvE server (tied with Wickedcoolsteve and schererererer of course).

Post nice stuff about him here!

Waterslide is a total bro. -Segasaturn95

Waterslide... He never covered an entire town in dirt. (you know who you are) -Nolan

:( -scherer

Before I met Waterside I found it difficult to pee - Ooer

WaterSlide gave me an Unbreaking III Diamond Pick last night when my Iron pick broke at the Darco Region. I knew he was cool, I just didn't know *how* cool he was til then. --Tristamgreen

He gave us kitty eggs. :D --CampLazloRocks1

Corruption Accusations

In September 2011, WaterSlide was connected to forces of corruption in the Township of Brom by reporters of the Brom Tribune. Before they could forward their evidence to a team of special investigators, offices of the Tribune, including their records room, were destroyed in a mysterious fire, suspected to be arson. In October of that year, new evidence was forwarded to the Brom Lords, implying embezzlement occurring during the financing and construction of the Brom Land Terminal. The authorities of Brom Empire failed to investigate in a timely manner, and Brom Rails' offices were swiftly cleared of incriminating records. Ties to various criminal elements operating in the UnterBrom were never brought fully to light, and despite the bad press WaterSlide received during the police brutality scandal, culminating in accusations of racism against cactus people, no criminal charges were ever filed. Drastic shifts in the handling of the theme of corruption in Brom's newspapers were due to suspicious replacement of editors during this period of political crisis. The inflammatory nature of these accusations never followed through by the law led to the marginalization of several of these newspapers as 'yellow journalism'.

Stepping down from Admin

WaterSlide has stepped down from his position as an admin. He will still be active on the servers.