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In New Arborea
Authority Head Admin
Favorite server PvE
Joined 2010-12-24

Schererererer is a Head Admin and former PvE server admin on the servers, but can sometimes be found on the Creative or Survival servers. He is known by various monikers, including but not limited to 'scher', 'scher5', 'scherererererererererererererererererererererererererererer', "that guy with the long name" and 'scherer'.



On the revision 3 Survival server, he has lived and built in the cities of Chronum, Arborea, Snoasis and Fort 420; during this revision he additionally was a member of the city council of Chronum, and established the city of Arborea.

On the revision 4 Survival server, schererererer established a secret base in a hollowed mountain, and settled later as a founder of the ill-fated NoName City.

The revision 5 Survival server saw schererererer's involvement in the construction of the BACON base.


Revision 1: Lived in the Redleaf Suburb of New Arborea, designed and led the construction of great feats of engineering including the Arborea-Woodville extension of the North Line, the New Arborea Mobtower, and the New Arborea Coliseum.

Revision 2: Founded the city Abyssus and led the construction of the underwater portion of the city in an homage to SubArborea. Also built the '/i 7 Bar and Nightclub' just north of spawn lodge.

Revision 3: Built a mansion in Ashwater and led the construction of the hanging city of Stalactite, though left uncompleted due to an unexpected map reset.

Revision 4: Built the Wall of Ice, the Spawn PvP Coliseum, Sigil Tower in Brom, the Brom nuclear plant and Brom docks.

Revision 5: Was a bimensis mirabilis, featuring numerous constructions on grand scales. Designed the server spawn and pvp arena. Also constructed numerous buildings including the Brom Opera House, Brom University and Banyan Tree, Brom Courthouse, Silgaard Tower, Ikea, Brom International Airport, the Bavaro House, Brom Spleef Arena, Brom Obstacle Course, Brom Stadium, Brom Water Cube, and various things in the Unterbrom, including crane and hobo camp. Through these constructions, delved into a variety of new architectural styles, from postmodernism to post-postmodernism.

Revision 6: Created most spawn buildings, exploring a new field of historical Asian architecture in the process. He also built the Imperial Bank and freight rail systems as a member of Pleasantville and led the design and construction of the Überproject.

Revision 7: Built in Darco Region, focusing primarily on the Darco University megaproject.

Revision 8: Returned to Darco as a contributor to various projects.

Revision 9: Built a number of structures in Brom, including 3 skyscrapers, a police station, donut shop, football stadium / art museum, trailer park with tornado, and around 8 buildings on the western waterfront of various types. During this time, he also took on some assistant mayoral duties.

Revision 10: Rose to Brom President and proposed the collaborative city with Argoth. After designing the base road system, built the public tree farm tower, Brom City Hall skyscraper, an antiques shoppe in Old Town, and the basketball arena. Oversaw anti-communist circlejerk with gusto. Repelled treacherous Senecan terrorist cannon attack on city hall with bare hands.

Revision 11: Suggested shift to core team of high-quality dense city building and suggested name of Shady Oaks Retirement Labyrinth. Mayored Shady Oaks (Brom under a different name) and built many things there, in particular the art museum. Also contributed a lot to the design of the spawn spaceship Unity.

Revision 12: Mayored the vast and grand European city center of Bräum, a semi-independent district of Seneca. Overextended building schedule, with mostly finished Grande Opera House of Brom, stables, half-completed courthouse, nearly completed haberdashery, patisserie, steakhouse, sushi bar, Brom Zoo ghast enclosure, and other miscellaneous buildings and landscaping. Also led the Uberproject 2: Spaceship Boogaloo, designed the UMCS Vengeance, and cornered the redstone market.

Revision 13: Mayored Bräumbrucke, a bigass bridge over a bigass crater. Built a number of buildings including the chestroom, Pfarrkirche Sankt Hebel, Brom Castle, winery, villager mall, library, landscape diorama building, and fortress.

Revision 14: Mayored Bromspring Islands, a set of 95% artificial islands built around the NW portal. Built the Brom Museum of Art and Architecture, Chesthaus, Lionstone Island, BromIT Datacenter, and several other buildings. Also did some work with rail and aesthetic farms.

Revision 15: Mayored BROM CORP, his first and last foray into running a near-spawn city. Built the BROM CORP HQ / City Hall, tree farm, rail station, giant crane, and miscellaneous autofarms around the city.

Revision 16: Mayored Île Saint Bram, an elegant French-themed city bridging a cluster of rivers. Built the pseudo-Haussmann apartment block, small church, sunken gardens, giant sign, tree farm, and numerous other miscellaneous buildings.

Revision 17: Mayored Dusky Pines Retirement Labyrinth, a Shady Oaks redux. Managed villager breeding and mall assembly, built the Dusky Pines Museum of Art and various other buildings around town.

Revision 18: Mayored Brom and established a close collaboration with Pico, with both cities running an Asian theme. Built the Orange Fort in quasi-Mughal architectural style, and a series of nearby buildings.

Revision 19: Fully merged the Brom Diaspora with Pico and laid the beginnings of a conspiracy to overthrow the Piconian government from within. Built the White Cloisters Art Museum and Cathedral, and the Pico Ducal Stables.

Revision 20: Mayor of Pico, ancient egyptian themed. Lead and designed Uberproject number 3: Project Het-ka-Ptah, the Great Pyramid and its myriad halls.

Revision 21: Mayor of Pico, dwarven mountainhold themed. Designed/built a whole bunch of stuff in Pico, including the Portal Gate, West Gate, Throne Room, personal house, Brom Clan Halls, Brightmaw Cavern, and miscellaneous other halls/caves.


A ferocious game of connect four

Revision 23: Built Chateau Brom and a few random buildings in/around the dome.

Revision 24: Built an oversized organ. No, not that kind.

Revision 25: Half-completed a Brom Tower right next to spawn. Still feel bad about that.

Revision 27: Built an oversized grandfather clock, a spiritual successor to the organ.

Revision 28: Built "Marble Point" near the world border.

Revision 30: Built an oversized chandelier, third in the series of gigantic luxury furniture.

Revision 31: Won second place in the 2016 lobby contest with a collection of quartz buildings mounted upon floating prismarine islands.


Confusion is often expressed as to the pronunciation and duration of schererererer's name. There are 5 sets of 'er' total, and the pronunciation is similar to 'share-er-er-er-er' (even though the Mumble lady says Shur-er).

Schererererer enjoys constructing crazy things with lego, eating moose tracks, chocolate, and Reeses' peanut butter ice creams, and drinking copious volumes of root beer. He was also formerly in geosynchronous orbit about the earth, cleaning up debris in the spirit of community service; because of this, his audio quality was less than desirable. More recently, he has been stranded on the moon, further degrading his transmission integrity. Also, his microphone sucks.

Imagine the sound of ten metric tons of gravel being poured into a swimming pool filled with broken glass and chalk with 'eye of the tiger' being played at 8x speed in the background. This is roughly the quality of Scherer's mic.