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Brom Empire

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Brom Empire
Brom Empire
Server PVE
Map revision 5
Coordinates -1250, 150


Brom Empire Information

The entire area is controlled by a few delegating figures, known as the "Brom Lords", but most sub districts of Brom have a mayor who usually gives out plots, enforces their own building codes, and plans the timeline for district building. This was done so we could be more inclusive and to allow certain styles of buildings to fit into certain parts of the city. The Brom Lords are:

Previous Brom Cities:

PVE1: Bromtown

PVE2: Brom Harbor

PVE3: Brom Island

PVE4: Brom Township


Part of Brom but not on this list? Add yourself!

Notable Buildings (By District)

Brom City

Building Address Owner(-Care Taker)
-Public Chests & Mines- 165 Main Street City-davidism
Brom Deli 145 Main Street PixelCourt
Brom Park 130 Main Street City-SacJester
Otter Tower 70 Main Street OtterPaw
Hala Cart 60 Main Street Schererererer
Brom Times 58 Main Street Schererererer
Brom Tribune 46 Main Street WickedCoolSteve
Brom Lord Haus 35 Main Street tehpeanut
Brom City Hall 29 Main Street City-WickedCoolSteve
BROM Radio 104.2 7 Main Street davidism
Aharito Tower 71 Fulton Street Aharito
Terisuke Tower 38 Fulton Street Terisuke
Skynet Center 12 Fulton Street Skynet2029
Home/Tea Garden 135 Pearl Street Andrewdance
annabelle22's Home 94 Pearl Street annabelle22
Bradsh Tower 75 Pearl Street Bradsh
Tower 28 Pearl Street jimmyx18
Nature And Relaxation Center 1324 North Road ScipioWarrior
Brom Public Farms 1255 North Road City-AvengerOfThings
Brom Central Station 1230 North Road City-WaterSlide
Wizard Factory Tower 1165 Wealthy Street Ooer
Brom Pub 1338 Sunset Blvd Deaygo
Vegas Towers 1297 Sunset Blvd SilentRecon
RGB Building 1252 Sunset Blvd Thelethalkind
Bromway Plaza 1200 Sunset Blvd bkx
The Bromite Sun 1177 Sunset Blvd Verros
Silgaard Tower 218 Lake Shore Ave Schererererer
Lime_aide's Crap Shack 1244.568656 Lake Shore Ave lime_aide

Tower Lake District

Building Address Owner(-Care Taker)
Spazcer's Lake Shore Tower 275 Lake Shore Ave Spazcer
CreepyMed Agricultural and Pharmaceutical 298 Lake Shore Ave Ug113
TheCookieMaker Villa 300 Lake Shore Ave TheCookieMaker
Oak Woods Castle 1320 Brickbottom Road Extension Bladedog
LawJik Tower 1365 Rivercross Road LawJik
Spazcer's Rivercross Tower 1348 Rivercross Road Spazcer
Binxstar Tower 1330 Rivercross Road Binxstar
Bladedog Tower 1284 Old Fortress Road Bladedog
Tower Lake Apartments and Condos 335 Sunny Brom Pkwy BsXeD
The Mine Co. 1280 Oak Tree Alley the_pope999/CommanderKillJoy
Shtab-Kvartira Office & Home 1275 Oak Tree Alley Segasaturn95

Cultural District

Building Address Owner(-Care Taker)
The Brom Opera 201 Sinfonia Ave Schererererer
Lady Justice 255 Sinfonia Ave. TheCookieMaker
Brom Science Museum 1438 Gavotte Road stevieboyk
Brom Archives 1483 Gavotte Road AvengerOfThings
Art Gallery of Brom 240 Madrigal Circle Kroax
Brom University 1580 University Street Schererererer

Historical District (Wild Wolf Gultch)

Building Address Owner(-Care Taker)
Wild Wolf Gultch Prison 131 Lupine Ave JohnAdams1735
Wild Wolf Gutch City Hall 1270 Nopalito Street City-Ryouba
JohnAdams1735's Home 1222 Nopalito Street JohnAdams1735

Picture Gallery


Brom Empire

Brom City

Mayors: Brom Lords
Location: Central -1250, 100

Las Vegas

Mayors: Brom Lords
Location: East -1250, 100

Stoneville District

Mayor: AdamMiner
Location: North -1430, 30

Cultural District

Mayor: Schererererer
Location: North West -1400, 200

Tower Lake District

Mayor: thecookiemaker
Location: West -1320, 240

Brom University

Mayor: Schererererer
Location: North West -1400, 200


Mayor: TH
Location: North East -1500, -80

Historical District Wild Wolf Gulch

Mayor: Ryouba
Location: East -1285, -150

Brom Harbor

Mayors: SacJester, thelethalkind
Location: East -1270, -300

Brom Park

Mayor: Ryouba
Location: North East -1410, -250

Industrial District

Mayor: golf1052
Location: South East -1100, -460

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