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Brom City

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BROM, PVE Rev9 is the 6th Revision of Brom, titled Brom City, and is loosely based on the SimCity video game series, in that it has separate districts. Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.



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There are many ways to get in and around Brom including many roads, surface and subterranean rails and a water way into Brom Harbor located on the north side of Brom.


Located at the Northern edge of Brom, this area greets new visitors with an access station for light rail and a direct line to the main terminal. As a new territory, we are still filling plots and thinking of new ways to improve the theme in Brom's Harbor.

Old Town
Immediately following the harbor district, Old Town is full of life providing all the necessary goods a player needs at the beginning of their tenure in Brom. There are many small houses densely populating this quaint isthmus.

Just south of Old Town is the Commercial district with skyscrapers, the main rail terminal, the light rail terminal, and more!

Factories, warehouses, Planet Express, and power plants - this area provides much of the farmed goods as well as giving people an opportunity to build serious utilitarian minecraft machines. Industrial can be found at the Western most edge of Brom

The glorious suburbs of Brom provides citizens with places to live as well as a town center featuring the great town hall, a stocked book store, a firehouse, and other fine facilities.

Mansion District
Southern Residential District Opulence galore - Ooer's mansion stands as Brom's largest build - more details on this district to come...

Some of the larger projects are built at the Eastern end of Brom - requiring lots of space and time, these projects include the Launch & Forest Arcologies, the spleef arena, and Brom's mob grinder.

Villager Trading

Brom has a robust assortment of prisoners in its Villager Reservate located at -722 +762 North of Brom's central rail station.

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