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Brom Castle at night
Server PvE
Map revision 13
Coordinates 1200, -1050
Started Feburary 28, 2014

Bräumbrücke, commonly referred to as Brom, is the Revision 13 edition of the Brom franchise. Set in an enormous, mostly artificial crater, its most prominent feature is a vast bridge spanning the entirety of the caldera. Brom is distinguished by its policy of typically rejecting the use of plots, favoring an organic and quasi-realistic pattern of growth. Though the city as a whole does not enforce a specific building style, there are a few that dominate neighborhood edifices: a sandstone-heavy variety around the rail station, a wool, log, and stonebrick "Old Town" style on the upper tiers, and a stones-heavy architecture with orange highlights in the Castle and related builds.

The rail station at the center of Brom is the hub of travel for the local region; it has connections to major cities via CARTS and CARBON, as well as local lines along the Brom Light Rail. These local lines are the easiest method of traveling between various locations in the city, particularly for accessing the bridge. A secondary hub for these light rail lines is located adjacent to the chest room on the north side of the crater, and is easily accessible via a line from the main station.

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