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Authority PVE Admin (What a silly idea)
Favorite server Team Carebear (PvE)

Ooer Facts

Ooer is a British player, who enjoys cups of tea, crumpets and avoiding trips to the dentist. Ooer can usually be found on the PvE server, but if things are quiet over there, he will venture out over to the creative server to see what is new, or to the survival server to be stabbed in the face multiple times.

Ooer is always happy to help someone out, so if you see him online, feel free to ask for any help, no matter how big or small it is! Ooer will complete a modreq for you at the low low price of 3 5 diamonds.

For some reason Ooer is now a PVE Admin! Because of this, the price of modreqs has gone up to 5 diamonds from 3. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Again, if you have questions at all, please feel free to fire Ooer a /msg or /mail ingame, or leave a message on irc for him. He will be more than happy to help!

(Insert some kind of joke at Ooer's expense here)

When Ooer is done with a MOLON, it goes from seedless to seeded. -molonater5711

PVE Antics

  • Rev 1: Built a small home in Redleaf, then created New Woodville with SuiXi3D & Roadrunner_68
  • Rev 2: Created Woodvill3 again with SuiXi3d, Roadrunner_68 and many other amazing builders. Also built a home in Scherererer's Abyssus
  • Rev 4: Built in Brom Township with Waterslide and others. Started a Woodville inspired district before the map died.
  • Rev 5: Started a tower in Brom Empire. Had a sleep. Schererererer finished it for him. <3
  • Rev 6: Built a giant mountain and a wizard tower in Pleasantville
  • Rev 7: Built Oops-Upon-Sea with human near Darco. Also created a number of quests, including the infamous 5K with the help from many others. Ooer hid in Oops-Upon-Sea for the rest of the revision in fear for his life.
  • Rev 8: Planning a secret project which will include a build from everyone on the server. That all went to shit and Ooer ended up creating Oops-Upon-Cliff with human, Roadrunner 68 and yz rules as well as a few other awesome helpers.
  • Rev 9: Wanted to make a small house near Brom with a sign saying "Brom Sucks" outside it. Went a little crazy and created Ashwater Lake with mrschteven88. Oops.

Date Since Last Walked Into a Dick Joke

16 May 2012

(Check "Insert joke at Ooers expense here")

Random Images

Do I do it?
Ooer enjoys a fine cigar.
The last thing you will ever see.