Pico (r5)

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Pico Entrance
Server PvE
Map revision 5
Coordinates 1758, 150
Started About 2 or 3 days after the map began
City history
PvE r5 Pico (r5)
PvE r6 Pico (r6)
PvE r7 Pico (r7)
PvE r8 Pico (r8)
PvE r9 Pico (r9)
PvE r10 Pico (r10)
PvE r11 Pico (r11)
For the city in the current PvE revision, see Pico (r10)


About Pico

Pico is a town on the southern edge of the map that was founded on an npc village. Though it started out small, it is one of the fastest growing cities on the map, rivaling Seneca, the spawn city, in number of residents. It welcomes players of all experience levels, providing a firm start for newer minecraftians and challenging older builders with its smaller than average plots. Its southerly location, multiple rails, roads and proximity to the South Nether Portal puts Pico in an excellent mix of seclusion and connectivity. Its abundant farms serve as a breadbasket of the south, with the double chest of food in the Welcome Center being filled and emptied on a regular basis. Pico is also the home of several ambitious rail projects, which culminated in the South Central Station, a four-way link between Brom Empire, Oasis, Wellspring and Pico.

Building Guidelines

Pico is fairly lenient when it comes to building. Our only rules are:

  • Stay within your plot. This includes up in the air, so think about where the edge of your roof will end up.
  • Keep building height below the level of the watchtower.
  • Abide by global building rules.

And that's it. We have no style restrictions, though many of our residents have taken inspiration from the style of the npc village we were founded upon. Underground I consider a free-for-all, though be considerate of your neighbors and try to work out any problems between yourselves.

Public Buildings in Pico

Private Piconite Homes

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