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Nagrand warlock and voidcreeper.png
Server PvE
Map revision 7
Coordinates 2450, 600
Lead bencvt

Nagrand is a large World of Warcraft-themed area located on a floating chunk of land in the eastern section of the map. Like its namesake from the game, the landscape is generally rolling grassland bordered by precipitous drops.


Getting there

Currently the easiest way to get to Nagrand is to first travel to Argoth, then take the scenic railway southeast.

Current builds

Scattered throughout the area are 16 underground wool farms, one for each color of wool. Each farm is situated on exactly one chunk, padded with leaves, and has a sheep-resistant water entrance. These farms are public; feel free to bring your shears and visit! A scenic railway passes through the area as well.

On top of each farm is a large statue, blending WoW with Minecraft. I.e., WoW player characters and pets done in Minecraft style! The colors correspond to the player class, as much as possible.

Statues (north to south):

Color Spec/Class Race/Gender Armor/Weapons
Grid Red Wool.png Red Unholy Death Knight Blood Elf Female Tier 10 - Sanctified Scourgelord's Battlegear, Shadowmourne
Grid Black Wool.png Black DK Ghoul Skeleton
Grid Light Blue Wool.png Light Blue Fire Mage Gnome Male Tier 11 - Firelord's Vestments, Dragonwrath, casting Pyroblast
Grid Light Gray Wool.png Light Gray Mage's Polymorph Sheep
Grid Purple Wool.png Purple Affliction Warlock Undead Female Tier 2 - Nemesis Raiment, Kris of Unspoken Names, Tome of the Lost
Grid Magenta Wool.png Magenta Warlock Minion Voidwalker
Grid Blue Wool.png Blue Restoration Shaman Tauren Female Tier 10 - Sanctified Frost Witch's Garb, Val'anyr, Bulwark of Smouldering Steel
Grid Cyan Wool.png Cyan Shaman Totem Wrath of Air
Grid White Wool.png White Discipline Priest Dwarf Male Field Marshal's Raiment, Benediction
Grid Pink Wool.png Pink Holy Paladin Human Female Tier 1 - Lawbringer Armor, Aurastone Hammer, Red Dragonscale Protector
Grid Orange Wool.png Orange Balance Druid Night Elf Female Moonkin Form, casting Wrath
Grid Lime Wool.png Light Green Brewmaster Monk Pandaren Male Polearm, beer keg
Grid Yellow Wool.png Yellow Combat Rogue Worgen Male Tier 6 - Slayer's Armor, The Twin Blades of Azzinoth
Grid Brown Wool.png Brown Protection Warrior Troll Male Tier 7 - Heroes' Dreadnaught Plate, Red Sword of Courage, Titansteel Shield Wall
Grid Green Wool.png Green Marksmanship Hunter Orc Male Tier 6 - Gronnstalker's Armor, rifle
Grid Gray Wool.png Gray Hunter Pet Ocelot


Want to build here?

Contact bencvt in game!

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