Hexa Empire

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Hexa Empire
Server PVE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -1050, -250


Hexapolis is the capital of the Hexa Empire. It consists of 6 districts: North, South, East, West, Central, and Sewers. Six different people keep an eye on the citizens from the Watchtower.

The five surface level districts form a plus sign, and the sewers are located under this plus sign. On the corners outside of the city walls, you can find the Animal Farms, Food Farms, Tree Farms, and Train Station. The entire area encompasses a 300 by 300 plot of land, going down to bedrock.

All citizens of the Hexa Empire must swear the allegiance daily and praise their Great Leaders.

Hexa Empire Hierarchy

Hexa Empire Great Leaders

Hexa Empire High Citizens

Hexa Empire Citizens
Hexa Empire Peons