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Mitogia r6.png
Server PvE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -450, 200
Lead thecoshman
Started ??/11/11

Mitogia is a small town, or large village depending on how you look at it, just out side of the hustle and bustle of spawn and was founded by Mitogi early in R6. After a spree of development in the minor village the role of Mayor was passed over to thecoshman not long after his arrival. From the village you can see the imposing silhouette of La Grès Cathedral. There are no build restrictions, so any one can just come and settle down in the village, though it would be appreciated if you tried to keep you buildings form being too sprawling. If you need to extend or edit the roads in and around the village, then please refer to guides below.


  • A small wheat farm
  • A melon farm, good for about a stack of melons slices per harvest
  • Spring of infinite water
  • A CARTS rail station, currently being connect to main network
  • An enchating table, with full set of book cases (in thecoshman's tree house)
  • A Rapid Wheat growing machine. It works, but due to lag not very well
  • A Large Wheat farm building. Currently under construction


Road Style

Mitogia uses a three wide road, a central double smooth stone slab flanked either side by a grey brick block. The dirt should be dug level with the road where possible and ideally sloped away. If you need to raise or lower the road, please ensure you do so using half height blocks to create a gentle change in height that allows you run up and down with out being slowed. Torches should be placed on the side of the roads ever third block (so that's two spaces between each torch).