Whore Island

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Whore Island
Farm view
The farm at whore island
Server PVE
Map revision 6
Coordinates 2500, 0
Lead cheezymuffins, betarepeating
Started December 2011

Whore Island is a project that is located on the PvE server at X=2500 Z=0. Whore Island was created by cheezymuffins and betarepeating

Name Origins

The name Whore Island is a reference to the TV show Archer



External Rails

The Rail line for Whore Island spans from the 850 loop to the 3000 loop running along Y=6 and Z=311 with multiple stops along the line.

The stops include

Internal Rails

There are rails that run inside of whore island there are two stops along the line right now at North Whore Island and the Whore Island XP grinder



Currently there are many open houses and appartments at whore island for visitors and people wanting vacation homes


The spleef arena at Whore Island Features a Round Playing field with a diameter of 28, the arena also features team ready lights and piston gates



Currently we grow Wheat, melons, pumpkins, and trees along with chickens and pigs

Other interesting features

There is a 6 stand brewery along with a library of enchantment at whore island