Agua Fria

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Agua Fria
Agua Fria.png
Server PvE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -950 -750
Started 11/20/11 - 2/17/12

Agua Fria was a town of over 20 located in the northwest portion of the map at about -950 -750. Agua Fria focused on humble homes and creating a small town vibe that's easy to navigate with quality town farms and resources and events. Agua Fria features medium sized plots for homes or cabins.

Agua Fria had direct rail access from spawn as well as through Topaz & the 850 loop.


Agua Fria was started in the early days of PVE Revision 6. Terraforming, road laying, and building basic town resources took over a month to build and finalize before Agua Fria accepted residents around 12/20/11. Agua Fria quickly outgrew it's original footprint and expanded north to the water.


Visitors to Agua Fria exiting the rail station will immediately notice the central park and town hall.

Central park features an ice hockey rink, duck pond, and outdoor amphitheater.

In the plots surrounding central park feature the town amenities for easy access.

  • Automatic Wheat Farm
  • Train Station
  • Automatic Melon Farm
  • Tree & Charcoal Farm
  • Town Hall (Featuring a vault with free materials for projects and home in Agua Fria)

On the hilly side of town features Estadio Agua Fria - the town's spleef arena which has public protections on the field and is free to use on non game or practice time.

Agua Fria White Walkers

Despite being outnumbered by most cities 5:1 the Agua Fria White Walkers finished FISA with a 6-1 record, leaving them with the most wins before the reset. A trophy was left at Estadio Agua Fria to celebrate this feat.