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2012-02-05 23.27.22.png
Entering Farstride from the southbound rail line
Server PVE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -3000, -1830
Lead castelnau
Started January 28, 2012

Farstride is a town located along the Hinterland North-West rail line. Nestled in a prime area of the map, the town is surrounded by forest, desert, swampland, and taiga biomes. Originally planned as a lumber camp, it has evolved into it's own town and is ever expanding with new creations. Many amenities are currently planned and are in the process of being built. The Farstrider Lodge currently stands tall against the surrounding wilderness, a welcoming sight for weary travellers in need of some rest and relaxation.

Players can reach Farstride by taking the North-West Hinterland line off the y70. Connections are available to the y12 Border and Aurora lines. Neighbouring towns along the rail include Aurora City, Laketown, and Nattresshire.

Recently Completed Projects

The Aurora rail line construction is now complete, connecting Aurora City to Farstride and the Hinterland North-West rail line.

Hinterland North-West rail network

Future Plans

  • HRC: Hinterland Rail Company, serving Farstride and the greater surrounding region
  • Wheat and wool farms
  • Populate the roads with cafés, a gym, hardware store, library, and houses
  • Expand the road network
  • Possible spleef arena

Photo Gallery

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