The Cobbleslums

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The Cobbleslums
Server PvE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -260, -1205
Lead bencvt

The Cobbleslums is a walled, tightly-packed dystopian city, located south-west of Pico. Situated in a fetid swamp crawling with spiders, skeletons, and zombies, the Cobbleslums is dangerous place to live.

As the name suggests, buildings are made of a significant amount of that lowliest of all building materials, cobblestone. Buildings are relatively short and tightly-packed, making parkour possible. I.e., leaping from rooftop to rooftop across a dark city like Batman, Assassin's Creed, etc.

Getting there

The closest major city is Pico, the northern hub city. There is a road for foot traffic leading to the Cobbleslums from Pico's south-western corner.

The Cobbleslums also has a small CARTS station in its Central Square, with rail connections to its neighbors:

  • To the north, Pico via an elevated, scenic railway
  • To the south, Lemuria via an elevated rail over a ravaged desert
  • In the far south, Snapperolle (which is near Spawn) via an underground route
  • Directly overhead, Cloud Town

Building Codes

The short version:

  1. No torches above ground level.
  2. Buildings must use cobblestone and dark colors.
  3. No large farms and no skyscrapers.

The long version:

No torches above ground level

We're going for a dark, dangerous dystopia here. Keep things relatively dim! The city streets will primarily be lit by redstone torches, jack-o-lanterns, and simple moonlight.

Other non-torch light sources should be used very sparingly, and inside the structure rather than outside wherever possible... e.g., glowstone, lava, and (mod-placed) fire. Below ground level, feel free to use regular torches, as long the light is confined to the underground.

Buildings must use cobblestone and dark colors

Gritty, grim, gothic. All adjectives to aspire to while building here.

Good materials to use: Cobblestone, Stone, Stone Brick, dark Wood, Iron Bars, Nether Brick, Fence, Piston

Avoid: Glass, Wood Planks, Sandstone, Snow, bright Wool

No large farms and no skyscrapers

Going for an urban vibe here; small parks and gardens are perfectly fine, but large-scale agriculture has no place on the city streets. There is no limit to the underground, though... feel free to build subterranean farms.

There's no strict cut-off for height, but any structure with more than 3 stories above ground is pushing it. Cloud Town is floating above us; be good neighbors and don't encroach. If you want more space for your lair or what-have-you, add basement levels!

Other design recommendations

  • The main roads leading from the Central Square to the various gates are pre-built, but the rest of the road system is intended to grow organically. A twisting system of narrow streets and alleys (1-3 blocks wide, Smooth Stone) is what we're looking for.
  • Related to the above, aim to keep buildings tightly-packed.
  • Roof access and multiple entrances are good ideas.
  • Avoid simple, boring, box-like buildings. Cobblestone does not mean cobble derp!

Claiming a plot

For the time being, there is no city-wide protection, so just stop by and build! There are no official plots, either. Just pick a spot. Please do add your name to the list of builders in the City Hall.

If the mayor (bencvt) decides to add city-wide protection (due to griefing or whatever), he'll make sure every builder listed in the City Hall has permissions. :)