Seneca (r6)

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Server PvE
Map revision 6
Coordinates 0, -300
Lead Chow_D, UNC_Samurai
Contributors 53 and counting
Started PvE 4

City Map

Seneca Map.png

Map of the city, current as of December 7th.



The original Seneca was created from the remains of the Brom Township camp of PvE revision 4. Legend has it that WaterSlide, the last to depart the camp on the long walk to the new Brom, presented Chow_D with the keys to the city that was to become Seneca.

Through the hard work and dedication of Chow_D and the residents of Seneca, it became a flourishing town within sight of the mobile spawn baloons of PvE 4.

Pictures from Seneca on Revision 4

Setbacks and Hardship

Only a couple of weeks before the map was to be reset, a huge techinical issue caused large parts of the map data to become corrupt. The original Seneca was not spared from the great dataclysm, and was lost forever.

In the aftermath, the residents rallied to the cause, quickly replacing what had been lost with a vibrant new settlement that included a memorial tower, a wheat farm, public food chests, a chicken coop ("The Great Pit of Chicken"), a park, a suggestion board for the new Seneca, and many private buildings. Cake was a popular food during this time.

The Spirit of Seneca

The City of Seneca has grown from a derelict camp into one of the largest communities on the PvE server. It was not started with any specific mission in mind, but came to embody certain defining principles, including:

  • no barriers to entry, anyone can be a citizen
  • a large settlement close to spawn
  • lots of citizen participation in public buildings
  • an open, unwalled city that promotes and provides transportation links to the wider area

General Info

Land for Seneca Revision 6 was claimed on the first day of the new map, and ambitions were rising high. Seneca is now a quickly growing city just north of spawn. Seneca has also given rise to a lakeside residential neighborhood and a panoramic skyscraper district based on an ambitious ocean reclamation project. All are welcome!

Current Features

  • Town Square - Large open area with the tall "Seneca Memorial" spire in its center
  • Library - home to a bookshelf-surrounded enchanting table
  • Public mine
  • Public workshop and smithy
  • Public farm
  • Public barn (WIP - animals slaughtered)
  • Minecart Station - with connections to Spawn, Pleasantville, Snapperrole, and WopTown(Snapperrole and WopTown share the rail)(Station Complete, rails WIP)
  • Town Hall (WIP)
  • 64 by 64 spleefing arena (WIP)
  • Seneca Lord's Tower (WIP)

Current-Day Seneca

Resident Creations

City Buildings

City Hall

The nexus of all activity in Seneca. The large bulletin board keeps citizens informed about city projects and events.

Seneca Central Rail Terminal

A major rail hub on the map, Seneca's rail station provides access to Pleasantville, Spawn, Seattle and Snapperrolle, as well as local access to Seneca Coliseum and Seneca University. The station is built in an open-air style, with plenty of room to breathe

Seneca Coliseum

Creator: Chow_D (exterior and some interior), xeppo (interior), SAWebb1 (interior), and more people.

The Seneca Coliseum is now completed full with stands, piston-operated doors, banners, and food stands. The Coliseum will be the home to many spleef matches to come in rev6.

Seneca Public Farm

Seneca's large public farm building provides residents and visitors with facilities to grow wheat, sugar cane, pumpkins, melons, and trees.

Parks & Recreation

Central Park and Seneca Memorial Tower

This grassy park is the setting of Seneca Memorial Tower, a monument dedicated to the loss of Revision 4 Seneca, due to a technical issue that corrupted large parts of the map. This open area serves as the center of Seneca's vibrant and bustling metropolis.

Seneca Pond

This park, built around a pond in central Seneca, is host to a variety of trees, a wooden gazebo, and Seneca's Christmas tree. Squid can occasionally be spotted swimming in the pond. A small public smelting and crafting center, as well as an item incinerator, can also be found on this plot.

Bobo's dog Memorial Park

This small park is situated in the Skyscraper District, between robisONE Tower and Skybridge Tower II. It consists of a fountain, as well as several birch trees and benches.


robisONE Tower

Creator: robisONE

robisONE Tower is a project that started on the second day of Revision six. Inside, it is lava lit, has multiple farms, storage areas, and even a small ranch, home to cows and previously pigs. It was the second skyscraper in the Skyscraper District (closely following Spiral Tower). Open to the public are two observation decks; the upper Observation Deck A features panoramic views of Seneca, and the lower "Gotterdammer Memorial Deck" is open to the elements. Adrenaline-seeking tourists can try leaping to the adjacent tower, it can be done! For an added challenge, turn on /gin and set FOV to Quake Pro!

Skybridge Towers

Creators: jhenriksen, Unbakedmocha

The twin towers, Skybridge Tower I and Skybridge Tower II connected by a bridge. The main floors were designed by jhenriksen and the top edifices and bridge were designed by Unbakedmocha. The towers are residential, with three floors with two apartments per floor. The fourth floor of Tower I has jhenriksen's penthouse, and Tower two has Unbakedmocha's. Each tower's lobby has a fountain and boards with rules and a resident directory. The towers are open to the public and accepting residents!

The Thirsty Miner Pub

Creator: kustomdeluxe

Located in downtown Seneca in a former bank building, the Thirsty Miner is the product of owner kustomdeluxe's love of booze and dive bars. Featuring two pool tables and three beers on tap, the Miner is the place to go after a long day in the mines, or before that long minecart drive. Who knows, you may meet that special someone there at last call!

Doubletree Experience Grinder

Creators: robisONE, SAWebb1

Just outside of Seneca, this easy to use experience grinder is free for all to profit from. When standing on a marked Mossy Cobblestone block, zombies spawn out of a nearby spawner, and are carried away, up, then dropped from a height that leaves them with hardly any health. The outside has been modeled to look like a pair of giant oak trees (due to neighbor complaints). Inside, you will also find a fully shelved-in enchanting table for spending your newly earned experience.

The grinder is most effective during times when the server is emptier due to mob lag. Come visit today! Coordinates are -100, -550, Just outside of Seneca!

Seneca Tower

Creator: Chow_D

Seneca Tower is a project started in the first week of revision 6, and finished within a matter of 2 days. The tower stands tall next to the public farm and the beautiful rail station. It will be filled with offices for all of Seneca Leadership, mayors and task force alike. About 3 stacks of blue wool was traded to Chow_D for this tower, and put to good use as a building aesthetic. Please refrain from jumping off of it, as you will die. Lots of dirt scaffolding was used in the making of this tower

Spiral Tower

Creator: SAWebb1

Spiral Tower was the first skyscraper completed in Seneca, and currently the tallest at 64 blocks. It currently houses a wheat and melon farm, a community workshop, a tree farm and a food bank, as well as an observation deck on the top floor.

Seneca Lords' Tower

Creator: Chow_D (help from ricky9988 and SAWebb1)

The lords' tower was recently completed next to Seneca's grand coliseum. It was originally designed by Chow_D on one night, it will become the home of the offices for all senecans in a leadership role. These individuals include: Chow_D, UNC_Samurai, SAWebb1, bobokate12, robisONE, xeppo, and possibly more someday. Around 30 stacks of glass was used, along with 30 stacks of stone and some 240 blue wool. The interior is not completed yet, but will house some of the most luxurious rooms in Seneca.

Stardust Apartments

Creator: kustomdeluxe

The Stardust Apartment building is modeled after a style of apartments that were popular in Southern California in the 1960's and 70's. The Stardust features 11 single apartments, and also two double-sized penthouse apartments on the fourth floor. Rent is 10 iron per week on the singles, and 18 iron per week for the doubles. Glowstone lamps are provided in each unit, and beds and chests are available upon request. Contact kustomdeluxe for rental opportunities! Whether you are a new player that doesn't want to spend your first days in a cobble box, or a player from another city just looking for a place to hang your iron hat when you are in Seneca, the Stardust is the place for you. Discounts available for out-of-town FISA spleef players!

Resident List

Current total: 56 (49 Residents, 5 Task Force, 2 Mayors)