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Stoneham r6.png
Server PVE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -2797, 2917
Lead NJAldwin
Contributors nattress
Started January 2012
Completed TBD

Stoneham is the main settlement at the southwestern edge of the known world.

Originally planned to be at (-3k, 3k), Stoneham was moved slightly due to an unfortunate ocean. It is located between a bay and a fjord, and it contains a swamp, a forest, a mountain, and an extensive cave system.

Railway Access

A fully-equipped CARTS rail stop (courtesy of nattress) is located on the western part of the 3k loop at -2875x, providing access straight to ground level.

Stoneham can also be accessed from the southwestern corner of the 3k loop via a stairway built there.