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Server PvE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -246, -13
Lead CGStaples
Contributors Benfclark, jlee712, jlee104, nikrdc, midbird, Ruben_Champaign.

Snapperolle is a city located slightly north of the spawn point in PvE revision 6. It uses more organically structured layouts and is generally more relaxed in terms of building code and rules.

The city has numerous public facilities, such as an underground shopping complex, a subway (under construction), a town hall, a library with enchantment center, a large public farm, and a stockyard.

List of citizens

  • benfclark
  • fiyarburst
  • gregmax19
  • nikrdc
  • Ruben_Champaign
  • teddylover
  • sqid2009
  • jlee104
  • jlee712
  • TheButteryToast
  • CGStaples
  • olleman42
  • benlarge1
  • midbird
  • sje4646
  • vernes
  • tobylane
  • prototoxyn
  • morgan97045
  • aqsa_brigades
  • sam8940
  • conbryvas
  • eienie
  • saffsd
  • kisa_gitana