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Faxulandia is a developing chain of floating islands near the 1700z portal and the town of Clusterblock

Right now Fauxlandia is still expanding and creating islands. Rednefgibson is the mayor to contact about islands if you want to be a part of this project.


  • All islands must float on or right above the water, they can not go too deep or have the majority float above air blocks.
  • We will connect the islands later with nice bridges but for now use of a 3x wide dirt bridge is permissible for beginning construction and spreading grass. It must be removed as soon as possible.
  • Terrain features like mountains, hills, and volcanoes can go to any height but buildings and constructions shouldn't exceed y=90
  • Suggestions for surface structures include huts, bungalows, etc but themed islands are encouraged. Desert islands, forest islands, even a modern island would be fine too (just don't exceed height cap with a tower or something).
  • When asking to begin an island please specify whether it will be a large island or small/med island and whether it will have multiple people living on it.

contact rednefgibson in game or reddit PM

Residents include: