Cloud Town

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Cloud Town
Server PVE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -300, -1350
Lead givetake2010

Cloud Town was a floating cloud town on the PVE rev6 map.

Located just outside the South East corner of Pico, Cloud Town is accessible from a tower at the northernmost section. The same tower also has a connecting rail line to the Cobbleslums.

Cloud Town was slated to be 9 clouds, each with a different biome theme and open to any one that wanted to be a resident. Unfortunately, it's builder had a change in work schedules 2 months before the revision ended, and construction proceeded at a crawl.

7 clouds were completed, with the remaining two to be made east of the third cloud.

Getting there

The closest major city is Pico, the northern hub city. There is a tunnel and road for foot traffic leading to Cloud Town from the East end of Pico. There is also a rail connecting to The Cobbleslums

The Cobbleslums has a small CARTS station in its Central Square, with rail connections to its neighbors:

  • To the north, Pico via an elevated, scenic railway
  • To the south, Lemuria via an elevated rail over a ravaged desert
  • In the far south, Snapperolle (which is near Spawn) via an underground route
  • Directly overhead, Cloud Town

Building Codes

  1. Build style and materials are limited based on the particular cloud's biome theme
  2. No Derp
  3. No modification of the underlying cloud structure (some exceptions)
  4. No large farms and no skyscrapers.

Cloud 1

Exaggerated flaura "newb" theme complete with mudhut & unmineable exposed ores Public Message board & guest shack. Protected, no building. Exaggerated flaura "newb" theme complete with mudhut

Cloud 2

Plains biome theme. Humble wooden house builds only please.

Cloud 3

Desert biome theme. Houses the Ivory Tower, future home to brew potion emporium.

Cloud 4

Swamp biome theme, dilapitaded buildings only.

Cloud 5

City style biome. PVP arena, limited plant life / landscaped. Pavement.

Cloud 6

Winter Biome theme.

Cloud 7

Farm/Parkland theme

Cloud 8

Mountainous theme. not started :(

Cloud 9

Heavenous theme. not started :(